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Enter data, audits, downtimes and retrieve key reports through a single user interface.

Cosmino WorkerPoint

Computer-aided data entry and provision in a communication network (e.g. Intranet or Internet) in production is referred to as online data entry.

Recording of system downtimes, in order to expose improvement potentials, is one important area of application.
Different to data entry via paper documents, online data entry delivers information from production reliably and in real time. Downtimes can be reduced more effectively, problems can be immediately addressed and re-planning is significantly easier (for example in the case of frequent order changes).
As it is possible to guide a user systematically through the data entry process, training costs for online data entry are usually significantly lower than for paper document entry.

Areas of Application

Cosmino WorkerPoint is the ergonomic communication interface between employee, system and other Cosmino modules.
WorkerPoint transforms every workstation into a multi-functional information platform, which provides all important information and functions of the Cosmino  modules in use at the push of a button:

  • Data Entry (e.g.  downtimes, error types, audits, measures) is possible, as well as
  • Information display (e.g. process data including monitoring, evaluations of error types and down-times, audit results, processing status of measures).
  • Cosmino WorkerPoint integrates the improvement process into every work sequence, as proposed solutions can be immediately documented for malfunctions and errors, and measures can be immediately initiated.
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Using Cosmino WorkerPoint, your employees access a multitude of functions and information via a single HMI. The following functions are available:

  • Select and display system states: production, unscheduled states (setup/waiting), scheduled states (service)
  • Document Setup times and tool changes
  • Enter downtimes and declare loss types and locations
  • Monitor process and machine parameters (pressure, temperature, …) and receive warnings in case of limit value violations
  • Document output losses (e.g. cycle slowdowns)
  • Record quality losses (NOK recording) and quality control charts
  • Track changes of shift and operator
  • Adjust cycle times for production lines
  • Enter operator work hours (optional)
  • View reports
  • Create improvement measures
  • Perform audits
  • Conduct meetings
  • Review order data (product, quantities, runtime, cycle times, system state duration)
  • Generate “done” messages for ERP system
  • Post and track stock
  • Check target vs. actual quantities and monitor key figures on the Andon Board
  • Receive reminders for recurring measures, e.g. maintenance, random sampling, audits


WorkerPoint delivers a myriad of practical benefits to your company, including:

  • Fast response to utilization fluctuations and downtimes possible since production data  is entered and illustrated in real time
  • Precise and gap-free entry for every  missing cycle signal is recorded
  • High flexibility for the WorkerPoint can be combined with paper document entry
  • Fast access to detailed information about loss types and locations
  • High data quality through automatic data checking (validation)
  • Detailed statements about tool  service life and  service life quantities are possible
  • Smart capability to save achieved SMED successes through ongoing setup phase recording
  • Real-time view of system states from every workstation (e.g. maintenance office and management)
  • Reduced downtime duration through automatic notification of repair team
  • Customizable to your  processes for many configuration options available
  • Secured system as machine operator login access is password-protected (optional)
  • Seamless integration into your  IT environment (e.g. SAP and  other ERP systems) through order application and  real-time stock posting
  • Valuable time-saving capabilities and simplifications for faster and more efficient workflow
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