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Industries and Processes

Process Knowledge and Experience enable the optimal Use of Cosmino Software

Over 30 years of experience and development makes it possible for the Cosmino software to be used for a variety of manufacturing processes, even at the highest level of manufacturing. The Cosmino solution is not specific to any one industry, but rather is prepared, and can be configured, for the typical characteristics of a variety of industries and manufacturing processes. You get one software program for all of your processes.

To ensure the status of suppliers, the production processes and quality of our customer-suppliers are subject to a continuous optimization process. The ongoing development and adjustment to the current market demands are also anticipated and fulfilled by the Cosmino software in use.

Furthermore, Cosmino has convinced the supplier industry with features like:

  • Perfect implementation in existing and prescribed IT infrastructure systems
  • Reliable, long-tern interfaces for third-party systems
  • Traceability of individual parts and batches
  • Inventory support in the ERP system
  • Comprehensive reporting using drill-down and drill-cross techniques
  • Quality assurance provided by SPC
  • Support for the continuous improvement program with systems for suggestions, managing measures and audits
  • Multilingual software in a variety of languages and dialects

The automobile industry demands the highest levels of quality from their suppliers. This also applies to their software suppliers. Several renowned manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles can be found among the Cosmino customers.

These arguments speak for themselves:

  • Control and logging of assembly and disassembly processes
  • Support for employee self-inspection
  • Reporting across departments and processes with benchmarking features
  • Supplier and business management systems
  • Integrated auditing features

Highly automated systems make precise planning and automated determination of tools and personnel a necessity. Process parameters are taken from the systems and monitored for optimization.

In addition Cosmino supports:

  • Acceptance of sets of tools and tool idle periods
  • Detection of various parts from one tool at the touch of a button
  • Calculation of performance losses with enclosed nests and cavities
  • Consideration of equipment changes during startup phases
  • Discovery of potential optimization of equipment changes
  • Compatibility with Euromap, but also suitability for follow-up processes, such as enameling, mounting and packaging
  • Quality reports by machine, tool, order, variations and end customers
  • Order planning by availability of appropriate machines, tools and personnel
  • A human-machine interface for operating multiple machines

Working with metal is often characterized by multiple processing stages and complex material flows.

Cosmino allows our metalworking customers to:

  • Monitor processes and enter data for forging processes like casting, sintering, electroforming as well as pressing, solution annealing, artificial aging and so on
  • Support nesting diagrams such as for punches and lasers
  • Acquire data form CNC-controlled machine
  • Provide comprehensive reports organized by plant and oriented on processes
  • Adapt the suitability for manufacturing prototypes
  • Fulfill the traceabilty even with complex extraction and implants in the process
  • Assure quality and use test data even in the micro-millimeter range (µ)
  • Make use of numerous features for monitoring and add-on boards for the shop floor
  • Access data and evaluations online and using mobile end devices

Assembly is frequently the final stage of production processes that are usually varied and is often characterized by high variance and short recall times.

With its functions, the Cosmino Manufacturing Manager is perfectly suited for software support during the assembly process:

  • Version-specific worker guidance
  • Worker guidance with step-by-step instructions
  • Linking and controlling of assembly tools and pick-to-light
  • Controlling the material flow (rework loops, optional and version-specific work)
  • Controlling and acquisition of material requirements
  • Enhanced for Just in Sequence (JIS)

Filling and packaging take place on the production line with several stages. The cycles for a work step can in this respect be very short. Several stages frequently work with one shared work list or make use of one such work list.

The challenge regarding the Production Data Acquisition and OEE determination is to map this complexity as simply as possible:

  • Straightforward and control-independent data acquisition methods
  • Easy handling of cycle definitions depending on the containers, product groups, etc.
  • Handling of lots, batches and containers
  • Diagnosis of downtimes based on the mini stop rule
  • Acquisition and assessment of the stages on the production line as a place of loss

In addition to the industries mentioned above, Cosmino also provides support to the following industries:

  • The Machine and System Construction Industry
  • The Aerospace Industry
  • The Food Services Industry
  • The Electronics Industry
  • The Kitchen and Furniture Industry
  • The Pharmacology and Cosmetics Industry
  • and many others

If your industry or manufacturing process has not been listed here, simply contact us directly about the special requirements of your project.
Our experienced technicians and customer consultants will be happy to support you.

Contact to our experienced customer consultants

Contact to our experienced customer consultants