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Miss Efficiency

Our guiding principle

This little plane, a CriCri, is actually licensed to fly and is regularly flown. She is called Miss Efficiency and is our mascot. The model was constructed in the Seventies by Michel Colomban and was built from plans and drawings by the developer himself.

This was only possible for the developer because all of the plane’s components were reduced to an absolute minimum without accepting any functional limitations. Despite many improvements in the area of materials alone, the CriCri remains the smallest two-engine airplane in the world even 40 years after her development and generates highly impressive efficiency statistics. If you are interested in more details, the following paragraphs provide additional information about our  ” M i s s E f f i c i e n c y “


The crucial factors for the success of a manufacturing plant are flexibility and speed rather than its size. The Cosmino Software provides the ideal support for reacting simply and quickly to modified conditions. Because we also have to guard against additional pounds at Cosmino, we can, like Miss Efficiency, also do loops for you. Avoiding non-essentials and their minimal mass allows the CriCri to respond with a noteworthy agility.


Are you expecting high return on investment? We prefer the usage of existing functionality and data to constructing additional systems. Do you have reservations about the issue of interfaces? Our customers don’t know this problem. Connecting software systems using interfaces is counted among our core skills. The CriCri can carry up 1.5 times her own weight. (Even after 40 years, 100% is still the standard.)


User-friendliness decides the acceptance of a project and its success or failure along with that. Customers acknowledge that our solutions always have a particularly comprehensible user interface and good benefits, particularly in the reporting systems. Thanks to her construction, the CriCri fits like a well-tailored suit. All of the control elements have been positioned perfectly and can be reached quickly and safely.


We create the cleverest solution based on the feasibility and beneficial value analysis. Because the cost-benefit aspect is always at the forefront, the effort to be expected has already been taken into consideration during the design phase. Our best practices tools permit the most inexpensive implementation and very low operating costs. Compare at your leisure. The usage of proven methods and materials from standardized plan construction keep the construction and operating costs of our Miss Efficiency low.


Without a doubt, standard software is the least expensive method for getting functionality. On the other hand, scalability is necessary in order be able to complete jobs efficiently, such as with data acquisition. The Cosmino Software is a standard software package, which also provides the ability to customize at the right points. Thus, there are no two Cosmino installations with the same data acquisition and assessment solutions, because working with software motivates people when it doesn’t waste (time). Each CriCri has been built by the builder according to planes and drawings made by the builder. However, each example has been tuned to the custom needs of her builder..


The products from COSMINO AG have also been created for durability. The current software components have continued to be developed over 25 years and many of our customers have accompanied every step in its evolution through updates. An excellent design like the CriCri holds its own for a long time. Even after 40 years, she is still the smallest and lightest two-engine plane in the world.


No customer project is like any other and each project represents a new challenge for us, even after 25 years of experience. However, like a CriCri builder, we approach each job with passion and motivation. And, create unique solutions with a life of their own that we want to look back at even 25 years later. Thin makes things quick and flexible, certainly a generally valid hypothesis. Our Cosmino solutions are definitely thin and can be deployed more quickly and more flexibly than comparable solutions. With the help of a single PC, we are capable of acquiring and assessing the data for the entire production department. The CriCri can only be built with passion.


Our solutions are definitely thin and can be deployed more quickly and more flexibly than comparable solutions. With the help of a single PC, we are capable of acquiring and assessing the data for the entire production department. With a cruising speed of over 200 km/h, the CriCri accelerates quickly… and does it with only 30-horse power.


We actively think with you, because even here, two minds increase safety. Our software is well-proven and made with the highest quality and safety. In 20 years, our customers have never had production losses caused by us. Despite a minimalist design, two engines increase safety.


We apply the following principles: small project team, few man-days, minimal usage of customer resources in the technical and associated ID departments relief for your employees with regard to routine activities. 4.8 liter per 100 km, and that at a cruising speed of roughly 200 km/h.

Impressions of our Miss Efficiency