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Over 25 years of experience in providing objective analyses of production and manufacturing processes

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Active consulting, technical support during the conception, introduction and accompaniment of your continuous improvement process with the help of our tools is our service. We assume responsibility.

The introduction of new methods or programs into production has always been a challenge. In carrying out many projects we have learned what really matters if one wants to have a successful introduction. We have integrated this experience into process descriptions that today serve as the basis of our service to our clients.

We ourselves practice lean philosophy and believe in continuous improvement in our own work. For your improvement process we don’t insist that you apply all the steps of the lean approach. On the contrary, we know from experience that the detection and elimination of waste can also be accomplished simply and sensibly – one just has to take the first step.

Use our experience, instead of laboriously and at great expense working out everything for yourself.

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Current State Analysis

  • How are your production processes implemented?
  • Which key indicators are already available?
  • What do your current data records look like?
  • How do your planning processes work?

Target State Definition

  • Definition of targets in close collaboration with management and production staff
  • Concepts for efficient entry of reliable production data using handwritten documents or via online data entry
  • Introduction of lean methods, such as definition of required reports, meetings, objectives, etc.
  • Preparation of loss and fault type catalogs

Start-up Support

  • Proactive monitoring and objective investigation of the key metrics generated by Cosmino
  • Analysis of improvement potentials resulting from the data collected during the introduction phase

Benefit from working with us:

With over 25 years of experience in production and manufacturing consulting, we are in a position to provide an objective analysis of your production processes. For more complex consulting projects or the introduction of methods such as TPM, Six Sigma or Lean Management we also work together with partners. Our services are available internationally provided that the projects can be conducted in English.

Cover the essentials

With our fully-developed task scheduling and checklists we support the introduction of improvement and remind you of important partial tasks.

Avoid mistakes

We work actively and critically with you together and indicate to you proactively areas where mistakes could be made, for example, in determining criteria for the selection of the right locations for pilot projects.

Save time

The principal task is to acquire clarity through the exact description of losses and to create responsibilities and areas of competence. We use your outlines and insights and save you time.

Minimize risks

Every change in processes bears risks. That is why we accompany you during the start-up phase of our solution. From a distance we observe the development of several key figures (e.g. quality of data collection or use of reports) and consult with you if we notice any irregularities.