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IT Services

Customization, installation and ongoing support of our software as well as administration of hardware or external software

itservicesCosmino IT Services

In the area of IT Services we have gathered together all services related to the customization, installation or ongoing support of our software. Also included under this rubric is the administration of hardware or external software such as databases.

IT Service is one of the three pillars of our success and is provided with a great deal of commitment by our Customer Care team. The colleagues from Customer Care have taken the meaning of the name to heart and look after the concerns and interests of our clients on a daily basis.

Three-quarters of all our clients have been working together with us for more than 10 years – one of the reasons for this loyalty, aside from our practice-oriented solutions, is definitely our top service!

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you automate and improve your processes within the shortest time possible using Cosmino MES Plus. For this reason, we provide intensive support in the introduction phase, for example during:

  • Hardware procurement
  • Administration of external software solutions, such as databases
  • Selection of document scanners and scanning options
  • Connection of your production machine interfaces
  • Integration of Cosmino MES Plus into your IT landscape

Our Capabilities

With over 25 years of experience in Software and Consulting for Production we can offer a unique set of expertise. We would be more than happy to demonstrate our many capabilities in a pilot project:

  • Professionalism to the smallest of details
  • Reliability to the highest degree
  • Transparent invoicing
  • In-depth understanding of your requirements and tasks
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Benefit from working with us:

For a number of our customers we have taken on almost the complete administration of the software by remote maintenance. That can be of particular interest to you if you have little free IT capacity and would still like to start the improvement process.

The basis of a good and lasting cooperation is, in addition to the quality of service, the transparency of the services provided. For that reason each individual item is controlled by a service ticket and examined on conclusion. You have access to reports on the use of your service contracts at any time.

The Customer Care team is also the driving force behind our own continuous improvement of products and installation processes. In this way we have for years achieved a continual increase in customer satisfaction indices.

Our service will also convince you, of that we are absolutely certain!