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Our Customer Care And Project Support Staff Have an Average of More than 11 Years with Us

Competence from a Good 30 Years of Customer Projects

We have learned from numerous customer projects over a good 30 years – whether with SMEs or global players – that a decisive success factor in the selection of software (MES, PDA, MDA) is the integration into existing and planned processes.

In addition, these must first be understood by all project participants in the same sense. The COSMINO services go far beyond what you can expect from a typical MES provider: They include careful as-is analyses as well as the definition of future standards and task plans. This is achieved by an on-site investigation as well as by a structured approach and a sense for possible “sources of error” or sensible additional potential to be addressed.

It is essential for us to get to know your requirements and working methods before we present you with a solution.

Learn more about Cosmino

Learn more about Cosmino

Decision Support and Consulting

When selecting a manufacturing execution system or production data acquisition, it is often not easy to compare the providers. Software systems are functionally similar at first glance.

However, we do not only want to convince you by the fact that you were able to place the most crosses under “Cosmino: yes” in your questionnaire when selecting a provider. We would also like to give you an idea of how we work.

Use the personal contact and get to know us.

IT Services

The success in projects and in the decades-long use of a software results approximately half from the software itself, the other fifty percent is defined by the quality of support you receive in the project and in ongoing operation.


Experienced power users ensure the optimal setting of the acquisition dialogs and the dissemination of valid results and improvements.

As a result, some customers succeed in rolling out the Cosmino software or introducing new functions on their own initiative.

However, all knowledge accumulation began at some point with initial training and was later optimized through targeted further training.

Learn more about Cosmino

Learn more about Cosmino