Decision Support and Consulting

Being well Supported and feeling understood already during System Selection

consultingPresentations, Workshops, Test Installations – Including Consulting by Experienced Project Managers

The decision for a Manufacturing Execution System – MES for short – needs to be well considered. When introducing a production data acquisition PDA or machine data acquisition MDA, you should also consider future expansion possibilities in advance.

In addition, the selection process leads to a long-term decision for a software partner. And ideally, the cooperation will last for a long time. A relationship at eye level is therefore particularly important.

From the decision phase onwards, our team will provide you with comprehensive support. We are familiar with proven solutions and installations of other COSMINO customers, but also with the pitfalls and obstacles that may arise in your project.

Consequently, we are not afraid to say: “Unfortunately, this won’t work!” or “You’d better do it differently” in order to avoid difficulties and disappointments later on. For us, cooperation only makes sense if both partners benefit from it in the long term.

Interesse, auch Teil unseres Teams zu werden?

Schedule a free consultation with a Cosmino expert

Convince yourself of our promise “We shoulder responsibility.”:

You already know this from TV commercials – nowadays, partner search takes place online. No matter whether you first need a compact overview of COSMINO AG and the Cosmino MES Plus software or we can already discuss a concrete use case.

The first general data is exchanged by phone and supported by an online presentation to clarify the general suitability of the Cosmino software for your project.

For this purpose, we have a live demo of the Cosmino software available. To participate in an online meeting, your normal web browser is sufficient – you do not need any special software.

Our online presentation is free of charge and without obligation for you.

An on-site appointment takes place after an initial exchange. The better we know your requirements in advance, the more precisely we can then provide you with suitable solution proposals.

In addition, a closer look at your production often provides further clues about manufacturing processes, activities at the workplace, potential connection options, local peculiarities … the more we know, the better we can advise you and the more accurately the activities, efforts and costs of the project can be determined in advance

Our visit to your site is free of charge and without any obligation for you.

We will be happy to arrange contact with an existing customer to enable an exchange of experience. You will gain insights into the daily work with Cosmino MES or PDA and can ask questions regarding the cooperation.

By the way: On average, our customers have been working with us for more than fifteen years.

Out of consideration for our customers, a reference contact is only possible at the end of the selection process.

You can try the Cosmino software intensively and for as long as you like. In our showroom we have prepared a workstation
for the acquisition of machine and operating data as well as three assembly workstations at which a toy car can be assembled “software-supported”. Here, the Cosmino ManufacturingManager worker and process management module – abbreviated “MaMa” – guides through the processes at the workplace. The system originates from a trade fair showcase.

Your visit is free of charge and without any obligation.

You would like to get to know the Cosmino software with your real data? During a trial, our demo software is set up with your master data and configured based on your process.

A short training session will enable you and your team to test the Cosmino software live for a few days in your company on your processes and generate evaluations based on your real data.

Costs are to be agreed individually.

At the end of the free consultation, you are left with a large project and a cost estimate that may seem high.

Numerous statistics, analyses and reference reports have demonstrated that the software introduced promises success. The question is, how can it be assured that no conceptual errors or overly euphoric goals will complicate the introduction and thus lead to an explosion in costs?

If it is not possible to start with small steps or an isolated solution, we recommend carrying out an analysis phase in advance, detached from the actual project.

We will consider the relevant processes and specify the final software support, evaluations and other expectations. The resulting document can serve as a basis for later acceptance.

Please take into account that an adequate analysis phase will not be completed in a few days. In the case that you have already decided on COSMINO AG as your partner, the actual project preparation will take place parallel to the analysis.

The analysis phase is offered at a daily rate plus travel expenses.

Instead of the full analysis, it is possible to order only a first workshop including documentation. While not every detail of your requirement can be discussed, at least your crucial uncertainties can be eliminated. And at the same time, you will get a better understanding of our work and approach. The further analysis will take place with the official project start.

The workshop is offered at a daily rate plus travel expenses.

Before you decide on the large-scale rollout, we will jointly start a software project on a maximum of five machines with a reduced range of functions. However, you should schedule enough time and capacity, because it doesn’t matter whether you are working on five machines or five hundred: In a software project, globally valid definitions have to be made, processes have to be defined, decisions have to be made and experience with the Cosmino software has to be gained.

In the pilot project, the Cosmino software is configured to your processes and requirements, and you gather a lot of experience. You will benefit from this in the subsequent rollout – very likely, this can even be carried out largely by your team itself.

The costs are to be agreed individually. The offer includes required services and pilot licenses.