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Cosmino Software

Standardized, modular software solutions for the manufacturing industry come from 30 years of project experience.

Cosmino Express

    Cosmino Express is an intelligent and quickly implemented software solution for important production tasks.

Cosmino Express is software for the acquisition and analysis of data specialized to a specific area. The software can be expanded according to need up to the complete Cosmino MES Plus. Cosmino Express can also be sued for tasks that cannot be sufficiently implemented using your existing MES solution.

  • Cosmino Express ProControl for Quality Assurance
    The Cosmino utility for quality management, statistical process control (SPC), acquisition of errors, custom test planning and qs-STAT Interfaces.
  • Cosmino Express OEE for Evaluating Machine Efficiency
    Acquire operational data, or enter it manually, such as machine times, production quantities and losses. Comprehensive reporting about OEE and losses.
  • Cosmino Express EnergyVision for Energy Management
    Transfer, monitor and assess energy consumption data (such as electricity, water and gas) from physical and virtual meters.

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Benefits of Cosmino MES Plus

    Cosmino MES Plus is a modularly expandable MES solution with features from the VDI Guideline 5600 and for the depiction of key metrics from the VDMA Standards 66412.
  • Acquisition of operational and machine data
  • Acquisition of system effectiveness (OEE) and disruptions
  • Reports, analyses and visualization
  • Quality data acquisition and assurance
  • Monitoring of machine parameters
  • Monitoring the tool lifetime
  • Acquisition of personnel times and activities
  • Traceability
  • Workflow control system
  • Alarm notifications
  • Preventative maintenance of operating equipment
  • Measure Management
  • Audit and checklist management
  • Meeting management
  • Advanced planning and scheduling

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Cosmino Modul Overview

Cosmino modules can be combined as needed and extended at any point.

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Learn more about the different areas of application for which you can use the various Cosmino modules and how they can boost the efficiency of your operations by browsing through our website.

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