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Improve analysis and problem solving.

Cosmino AnalyzeHelp

In order to simplify and standardize continuous improvement, different methods such as 5W or Ishikawa are used.
Standardization means that the problem-solution methods are systematically processed. Then the results of different users can be more objectively compared and the target improvements become easier and more objective to evaluate.
An important advantage of standardized problem-solving methods is that they are self-explanatory. They can be used without extensive training, because each user is guided step by step through the problem solving process.
As each user applies the methods in the same way, additionally the evaluation documentation becomes standardized.

Areas of Application

Cosmino AnalyseHelp is a module of the Cosmino Suite, in which step by step methodically guides and supports teams and individuals through the improvement and problem-solutions. This provides every employee, from the plant manager to the employee at the machine, the same methods of knowledge.

As a central “improverÔÇÖs toolbox” AnalyseHelp is fully integrated with other Cosmino modules. For example, in the management measures of Cosmino ImproveMan modules, the analysis phase is supported by PDCA / DMAIC.

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The core functions of Cosmino AnalyzeHelp are:

  • Problem description and collection of causes of error
  • Weighted assessment of found causes of error
  • Generation of Pareto diagrams over the weighting factors of the defined causes of error (probability of causes)
  • Linking the causes of error with the problem-solution measures in Cosmino ImproveManager
  • Archiving and versioning of ideas and found causes of error

Currently Cosmino AnalyzeHelp supports three problem-solution methods:

    • the “5-Whys” Method (in the form of a table/chart)
    • the Ishikawa-Diagram (fish bone diagram)
    • the A3-Method

Your Benefits

Your benefits of using Cosmino AnalyzeHelp at a glance:

  • Quick training of new presenters
  • Easy to expand or modify diagrams and tables
  • Time saving distribution of obtained insights and results via e-mail
  • Knowledge-building: previous analyses, ideas and measures are always available
  • Solution approaches can be traced back at any time (accessed through the corporate cloud)
  • Simplified qualification and training of teams at the plant facilities
  • Clearly structured link between problem descriptions and measures leading to a solution
  • Multilingual version of tables and charts (translation tables)
  • Easy to understand and multi-media enabled: video and voice recordings can be archived as part of the problem-solving process
  • Generic problem-solving methods which can be used not only in production, but also in other business divisions (human resources, controlling, etc.)

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