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Corporate System

Company-wide reporting and benchmarking tool, data exchange with local factory installations

Cosmino MES Plus for Company Headquarters

The Cosmino Corporate System is a central MES for company-wide reporting and benchmarking tasks. It is used if Cosmino MES Plus is applied in several locations. The data from these decentralised installations are then collected to show figures and analyses at company level. Machines and other resources can also be compared separately from the plant hierarchy.

A central Corporate MES requires local installations at all plants. Validated data from external collection systems can be used as another data source for this system.

The distribution of master data to local installations and the bidirectional exchange with the ERP instance also takes place via the Cosmino Corporate System. In this way, plant installations do not require their own ERP connection.


Corporate Reporting

Web-based corporate reporting enables a drilldown from corporate figures, figures of individual locations and other hierarchy levels to the key figure values of every single machine and the products that have run on it.

Access to these analyses is based on a separate user administration independent from the reporting of local installations. Many access, and authorisation options can be defined.

The reports are distributed via intranet or internet in a browser-based manner. This also enables to integrate reports into a business reporting system.


Benchmarking Function

Each company has comparable plants, product lines or production work stations. But experience shows that the efficiency of these work stations almost always varies. However, if they are comparable, this means that the plant with worse results can achieve the value of the one with better results. For this purpose, measures which were also successful in the better plants are required. The Cosmino Benchmarking Report was developed in order to illustrate this improvement potential. The system compares machines and other resources through a common master data attribute – and separately from the plant hierarchy.

In this way, it is possible to compare figures such as OEE, NEE, setup duration and reject parts (NOK) e.g. in injection moulding machines from the same manufacturer, regardless of the location of these machines.


Distribution of Master Data

All Master Data can be managed centrally in the corporate system and distributed to the local plant installations.

This allows a consistent but multilingual designation of types of product errors, OEE causes of loss, etc.

The cycle times of products and components can be centrally managed depending on the machine type and on plant occupation. They are the basis for the calculation of efficiency figures such as OEE or NEE. Cosmino guarantees that centrally defined clock specifications of individual production areas can no longer be changed. On the one hand, if required, figures can be calculated according to corporate definitions and, on the other, according to the clock definition prioritised in the plant.


Communication with ERP and Subsystems

The bidirectional communication with the ERP system and other participants can take place completely via the Cosmino Corporate System. This saves interfaces for individual plant installations, since imported data such as production assignments or inspection assignments are distributed via the Cosmino Corporate System.



The Cosmino Corporate System can be hosted at a central location or on a cloud platform. The time-critical processing of data for visualisation, monitoring, process and workflow management as well as alerting reliably takes place in the plant installations.

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help