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Data Entry

Pragmatic tools for capturing data that is required to obtain meaningful information. With or even without a networked infrastructure.


Cosmino Data Acquisition

The Cosmino Data Acquisition modules provide more value than just collecting data. Data is validated and transformed into usable information. The following data acquisition methods are supported:

Automated Transfer of Equipment Signals including Visualization on Touch Screen devices

Machine signals will be picked up from the control system through an interface and written to the database. This can be called real-time data acquisition. All equipment signals will automatically be logged with an assigned timestamp. To accelerate the reactionary control loop, various services may be triggered as required (for example, sending an email to the Maintenance department when the equipment temperature threshold has been exceeded).

The visualization of the production process through a worker dialog is one important component for the operators at each machine. The order and shift data, as well as the equipment status, can also be visualized on an Andon board or in a factory overview. In this manner, the shop floor management will be immediately provided with all critical information.

The employee can also provide information through an online dialog, such as the causes of the loss of effectiveness or internal suggestions for improvements. Aside from this, audits, maintenance notes or inspection orders using Error Log Sheets (ELS) or Statistical Process Control (SPC) can be started and performed.

Manual Online Data Entry through Touch Screen Dialogs

The online dialog presented above for operating individual equipment or multiple machines can also be used without the automated transfer of equipment signals. In this case, the operational data (disruptions, order changes, maintenance and part counts) will be entered manually by the operator using the online dialog closest to the workstation. Even though transfer of the equipment signals is not required for this, the data will still be available for further processing by the reporting system or notification to the ERP system after data entry in real time. Qualitative tests (ELS or SPC) can also be performed directly from the online dialog.

Acquisition using Machine-readable Timecards, Error Log Sheets and Quality Control Charts

Often, handwritten entry sheets are the only available option, especially in locations where there are no computer or network connections or wall sockets. Because of the minimal hardware requirements, the use of machine-readable documents is also a good option, when full transparency of all means of processing should be created as quickly and inexpensively as possible and without requiring major IT capacities. Scanning documents reduces purely manual data entry by roughly 2/3 of the effort and decisively improves the data quality through automated validation and digitalization.

The largest user of this method for data acquisition currently scans roughly 1,500 control charts per day. The filled in documents are scanned at the end of the shift and thereby digitalized. The data is validated for plausibility after the optical character recognition process. For example, the combination of product and equipment is checked against each other. For time cards, the entire shift is calculated in order to determine the correctness of the figures. Deviations from the absences can quickly be determined at a glance and the responsible employee informed about the potentially incomplete entry in a timely manner.

When utilizing control charts, specification and control limits will already have been mapped to the control cards (SPC) so that the employee can see when a reaction will be required.

This method of data acquisition is suitable for quality assurance as well as logging shifts, acquiring operational data and downtimes (OEE losses).

The Right Method for Each Workstation

The Cosmino data acquisition methods can also be used in combination. In this manner, the appropriate means available will be used at each workstation. Furthermore, data that has already been entered by existing systems can be imported. Duplicate acquisition or storage of data is avoided in this manner.

Order-related Acquisition of Data

Cosmino can acquire of operational data related to orders. An interface with the ERP system will be created for this purpose. When an order is downloaded, Cosmino will get all of the required information like order number, product and so on.
Once the order has been completed, a notification with the operational data related to the order can be sent to the ERP system.

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