Energy Management System

The Cosmino software includes an Energy Management System (EnMS) for production and calculates KPI’s based on energy consumption and associated production data (quantities, batches, orders and so on).

Cosmino Software for Energy Management

Using energy incurs expenses. The Energy Management System targets optimization of resources. Doing so provides enormous potential for saving costs in industrial manufacturing. Cosmino’s Energy Management Software provides support for acquiring data and evaluating it, such as using special energy performance indicators (EnPI). It makes energy management based on the globally valid DIN EN ISO 50001 standard possible and the software is listed by BAFA for Eligible Energy Management Systems.

Energy Values from Real and Virtual Meters

Cosmino will read the values from your energy meters in a variety of ways and with a flexible frequency. Only the definition of the expense account, department or machine associated with a value remains. If a value is not assigned to a specific consumer, it can also be assigned using a function. We call these “virtual meters”.


Monitor Consumption and Optimize It

Incoming values will be visualized (individual values, minimums, maximums & averages) and checked against thresholds as needed. A warning feature will indicate if intervention is required. The progression of the values can be accessed for any timeframe and compared with machine data to detect peculiarities and peak loads.


Comparison with the Order and Machine Data

How does the state of the machines affect your energy performance? How much energy is consumed to produce which products and batches? The reporting system will show how much energy is required for a manufacturing process and an advantageous energy footprint can be assigned to thrifty results.


Introduce Improvement Measures

The increasing costs of energy make intervention for the reduction of energy expenses necessary. For that reason, the Cosmino Energy Management System provides support using a measures management system that can be configured in a flexible manner.


Perform Energy Audits

The Cosmino software will quickly and easily integrate energy audits into the workflow. Create a catalog of questions, schedule the audit and get the responses using a web browser, a mobile device or printed form. Assessments will show the result of the audit.

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

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