Bi-directional exchange data through interfaces with any ERP system and other third-party solutions, such as MES, MDA, PDA and CAQ systems.

Cosmino Interfaces

The Cosmino software can be integrated into every IT landscape through various interfaces and thereby seamlessly interact with many other systems.

Transferring Equipment Signals

Online integration of machines will make machine data available immediately and automatically. Cosmino will receive data directly from the equipment control system or from additionally integrated sensor systems, which thereby will also make automated detection of older machines and manufacturing lines possible.

By using an OPC interface, various sensors and control systems can also communicate in a shared, flexible network. This makes cost-saving autonomous connection of machines possible.

Transferring Recorded Data from Third-party Systems

When quality or machine data has already been record by existing systems and solutions, that data can be imported. For this purpose, corresponding standard import interfaces (such as through SQL) are available. Data imported in this manner will be automatically validated and reported by Cosmino, just like data acquired with Cosmino. Thus, existing solutions can be easily expanded and duplicate data acquisition and storage can be avoided.

Transferring Orders from, and sending Notification to, the ERP System

Communications between the ERP system and Cosmino MES Plus will use standardized interfaces. COSMINO AG has comprehensive experience in connecting with various ERP systems.

Transferring Quality Data from Measuring Devices

Cosmino ProControl Online Measurement Data Acquisition (OMDAQ) can be set up to automatically import test results from various measuring devices (SPC sub-systems, 3D coordinate measurement machines and measuring systems) and store them in the standardized test results database.

If the data to be imported contains sufficient information (such as measured values, characteristic names & numbers, etc.), inspection plans and inspection orders can be created based on this information in Cosmino ProControl.

Transferring Inspection Orders from a CAQ System

If inspection planning should not be performed with Cosmino, inspection orders can also be received from various CAQ systems through an interface. The measurement values and types of errors recorded via Cosmino software can subsequently be sent through a standard CAQ interface back to the CAQ system for further processing.

Integration with qs-STAT and Minitab

Quality data recorded can be automatically transferred to qs-STAT or Minitab, in order to allow long-term calculations to be performed. This will work both via a Q-COM server (as a background process) as well as directly into qs-STAT (in foreground).

Exporting the Results Data

Various export interfaces have been implemented for the reporting system, in order to export results data for manual use or make that data available to other systems.

We have a range of software from our latest Cosmino PDCA Cycle that can help ensure your manufacturing company achieves and maintains a consistently high product and service quality. Our modules will help you collect quality data, comply with the numerous test cycles, and perform other related activities, such as planning and catalogs.

Our planning and catalogs process incorporates all objectives and requirements defined in the plan together with any updates entered via the Internet or internally via other data entry systems. These data is then analyzed to determine the best possible schedule and plan that meets your client’s demands and their LEAN business objectives.

Get in touch with us now and discover how the advanced Cosmino modules can take your business to the next level.

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Other Areas of Application

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