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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Recording of machine times and determination of the causes of effectiveness losses. Automatic analysis of the improvement potential.

Cosmino for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

For over 20 years, Cosmino OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) has been used in manufacturing plants to record operating data and running times and to determine overall equipment effectiveness, and is continuously developed by an experienced team. The software is highly configurable and therefore adaptable to any production processes, machines, lines and manual workstations.

For any equipment, Cosmino Software measures:

  • Net productivity – production
  • Availability losses – unplanned downtimes
  • Performance losses – time where production is slower than planned
  • Quality losses
  • Set-up times

Increasing Transparency and Efficiency

The aim is to reduce downtimes, cycle deceleration, set-up times and poor quality. Machine times are logged and effectiveness losses are analysed. An improvement of OEE allows to achieve more output in the same time period. This increases delivery reliability and provides potential savings. This also creates transparency and key figures.


Tested and Expandable OEE Software

Along with its high practical applicability, the many expansion possibilities ensure a long-term and effective use in production plants worldwide e.g. to plan maintenance operations on machines, to record quality, process parameters or materials, …
At the same time, an additional bidirectional interface to your ERP system automates the recording of operating data and the response.

All our project managers have some experience with OEE and assist with the definition of individual loss types (causes for downtimes and performance losses), cycles and machine data interfaces.


Recording Data

Data recording can be supported by the transfer of machine signals. Sources can be existing systems, interfaces or also external sensors. The recording of running times and quantities can be automated for as little as a single, cycle-triggering signal.

Downtimes and performance losses are determined with causes via the online dialogue. Individual loss catalogues define the options which are usually carried out by skilled employees directly on the machine.

The current status of your machines and orders is always evident.


Objective Figures and Analyses

Along with the installation, comprehensive reporting is available with analyses on your machine running times. Figures are calculated such as OEE, NEE, TEEP, times and percentages of all loss types and shift reports.


Your Cosmino Benefits

  • Using machine signals and manual recording
  • Analysing malfunctions according to the causes
  • Ready-to-use evaluations which can be expanded
  • Master data-based
  • Demand-driven expansion of the system, for instance with measures management, ERP connection, detailed planning….


States of the machines in a hall

Recording set-up times with Cosmino WorkerPoint

History OEE

Unproductive times per machine / area

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

Other Areas of Application

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