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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Acquisition of Machine Times and Findings of Losses in Effectiveness by Causes. Automatically obtain analyses of improvement opportunities.

Cosmino Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key figure that arose from the development of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concept. The goal is a reduction of downtimes, cycle delays, changeover times and poor quality. Machine times are logged and losses of effectiveness analyzed. OEE improvement makes it possible to increase production in the same time. This will increase reliability and ensure potential savings. It will also result in transparency and key performance indicators.

For each means of operation, Cosmino will measure:

  • Net productivity
  • Loss of availability in terms of unscheduled downtime
  • Loss of capacity in terms of production requiring more time than scheduled
  • Loss of quality in terms of production quantities that do not meet the quality requirements in the first run
  • Changeover times

Definition and Administration of Master Data

In addition to the acquisition and evaluation of the equipment effectiveness, COSMINO will provide support before the introduction of the system through the definition and standardization of the basis for calculations, the catalog of loss types and the planned cycle times. Our project managers have experience in working with OEE and thereby ensure your project will get off to a good start.

Acquisition of Data

Cosmino software provides a number of options that can be used in combination for the identification and recording of effectivity losses. These options extend from acquisition using machine-readable paper forms to completely-networked and automated data acquisition. Likewise, data that already exists in third-party systems (PDA, MDA, MES, Excel and others) can be imported through interfaces.

The detection of the causes for the loss of effectiveness is important for the improvement process. Cosmino simplifies this process and makes quick response by the employee possible.

Getting Key Figures

An automated reporting system supplies prepared reports about OEE and analyzes about the acquired causes of loss. The reporting system can be customized individually.

The current machine-status will be visualized at each workstation. In addition, an overview of a plant or halls can be created for each individual machine.

The Result is Maximum Transparency about the Equipment Effectiveness

Your Cosmino Advantages

  • Various methods of data acquisition from automated to manual
  • Regardless of the method according to which data is acquired, Cosmino always provides the ability for a loss (disruption) to be found by the operator according to causes.
  • Ready-to-use assessments that provide information necessary for the continuous improvement process as a whole and can be extended specifically for the customer
  • Uniform reporting at all hierarchical levels from the individual workstation to the plant report for the management
  • The highest level of objectivity, because all of the losses will in fact be reported
  • Optional support for the improvement process through management of the measures, meetings and audits.
  • Expansion of the system controlled by need, for example, scheduling preventative measures for machines and logging when the expected time has been exceeded as an OEE loss.


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