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Quality Management

Quality Assurance in Manufacturing: Digital Recording and Analysis of Defects and Inspection-Plan-based SPC.

Cosmino Quality Management

The Cosmino software supports the zero-defect strategy by logging and analyzing qualitative (attributive) and quantitative (variable) defects on products. The traceability via serial numbers displays the defect history and the rework that has taken place for each article. In addition, a blocked parts management is available.
Wide-ranging support is also given to the Inspection-Plan-based Statistical Process Control (SPC).
From the logged data, Cosmino creates key figures (PPM, CpK …), analyses, histories and numerous additional assessments.

The Cosmino Software Increases the Reliability of the Statistical Process Control

SPC is a low-cost inspection process according to the minimalist principle. A reliable completion highlights whether the planned quality is achieved. The Cosmino software monitors inspection cycles automatically and notifies the inspection personnel on the due date.
The Cosmino SPC dialog stipulates both the inspection instructions and the inspection sequence.
The data acquisition takes place

  • on a completely manual basis,
  • with the support of digital meters,
  • automatically, e.g. by machines.

The control charts and escalations against differing limit values that are generated accordingly are visualized transparently for the inspection personnel.
The comprehensive Cosmino inspection planning is of top quality and just as easy to use. You can also import inspection plans and inspection orders from other systems, however, and report the recorded data back to them.

Highlighting of Defect Type and Defect Location Directly on the Digital Picture of the Product

100 percent inspections during the production and worker self-monitoring are supported by the digital defect recording dialog. The data collector tots up the defect type and defect location digitally along the same lines as a tally sheet. To provide further support, product pictures of the article to be inspected can be shown in different perspectives (top, bottom, left, right, overall view, multi-level detailed views …). The inspection personnel highlight the position of the defect easily by touching the screen.

Transparent Assessments Improve Your Quality

Key figures on quality and transparent analyses of defect locations and defect types support the targeted improvement of the quality.
In addition to the assessments that the integrated reporting provides, it is also possible to transfer the recorded quality data automatically to qs-STAT® or Minitab® to allow for the completion of additional analyses.

Zero Defects due to Inspections in the Process

You can use the Cosmino quality assurance software on a stand-alone basis, as the extension to a Cosmino production data acquisition, or as an MES module.
Based on the current quality of an individual article, component or batch, the interaction with the Cosmino workflow management enables the further path through the production to be managed. In this way, defective products can be forwarded to a rework loop and only returned to the original process when the defect has been rectified. Joint blocking processes for several articles can also be organized. The further processing of the so-called blocked parts beyond a defined workflow step only takes place after the quality decision has been taken and the blocked parts have been released.

Illustration: Entry of measured values on the SPC dialog

Illustration: Attributive recording of defects directly on the product image

Illustration: Analysis of defect types and defect locations – drill-down / data filter via customer, product, Work Center …

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

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