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Zero Defects for the customer. Reliable traceability in cases of recalls.

Cosmino Traceability and Control of Units through the Process Steps

Traceability with Cosmino makes documenting the entire path of a traced unit (individual product, component or batch) through the manufacturing process possible. Times, processes, operational data, order, machine parameters, test results, preliminary products, materials, tools and other information will thereby be uniquely assigned to a traced unit.

Controlling the workflow also prevents units from getting into the wrong processes. Work sequences, quality and variations will also be taken into consideration.

Trace Components, Products & Batches

Using an ID number, each unit will be detected in each process step. This can be automated using technologies like radio-frequency identification (RFID), scanners and camera systems for bar codes, machine-readable fonts or DataMatrix Code (DMC).
Cosmino software will therefore trace process steps and assign machine, operational and process data to the unique ID. Preliminary products built, materials and tools used can also be detected automatically, or entered manually, using identification technologies.

Control the Workflow

Even the workflow for each traced unit will be stored in Cosmino. For example, if one component is moved from one process to the next one, it will be re-assigned automatically. The result of quality assurance tests also plays a role in controlling the workflow. Re-worked parts will be assigned to the work queue for the defined re-working station and good parts to the work queue for the subsequent process.
For the identification of parts, the Cosmino software performs a counter-test using the digital work queue for the process and/or machine. This ensures that the units will be processed at the correct workstation. Doing this prevents unintentional channeling of re-worked parts in the process or processing incorrect variations.

Supporting for Inventory Processes

Immediately after a workflow step (process step), confirmation will be sent to the ERP system. This confirmation will include the materials process and the preliminary products for each unit so that automated correction of the inventory can be triggered in the ERP system. The result is reliable inventory processing.

Quick, Inexpensive Traceability

A variety of search queries in Cosmino will depict the links between the initial materials, operational and process data with the final manufactured product. At a click of the button, all of the information about one specific final product or an entire batch (upstream search) can be found. Vice versa, the downstream search to a preliminary product permits finding which initial materials, process parameters and test results created which final product. In case of a recall, the affected parts can be found easily.

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