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Tool Management

Records the Tool Service Life and Service Life of Individual Tools, Considers all the Components of a Tool as well as a Yield from Different Articles.

Cosmino Tool Management for Multi-stage Tools Prevents Failures

The tools used in production machines are an important cost factor which, like the machine itself, is highlighted and optimized on a regular basis by means of various improvement strategies. When tools are made up of different individual components, it is necessary to take an individual view of each component, as the use of a multi-stage overall tool can become significantly more expensive or even impossible due to wear on just one component. Replacing a faulty component or servicing it in good time is generally cheaper than unplanned repair work, which in the worst case scenario also results in an extended production downtime.

Transparent Tool Management with an Overview of all Usages

The core of the Cosmino tool management software is the master data management, in which tools are created transparently over several hierarchy levels in a tree structure. The individual tool – a tool or a component with a clear serial number – is located at the lowest level.

Here, you can also see which components are currently installed in which tool and the history of the usages:

  • previous usages including the time period,
  • the tool on which the component was fitted,
  • quantities produced.

Installation of Tools in Tool Construction / Tool Service

As a general rule, the ID of a tool component is applied directly to it or mapped via an accompanying document. By scanning the components during their installation and removal, the composition of a tool is recorded. The subsequent recording of the service life and tool life takes place via the ID of the main part and is recorded automatically on the individual components.

Recording of Tool Data during Production

Service lives and service lives for specific tools are determined because the tool is also identified at the start of a new production order on the machine. For products, this also allows for preset times (cycles) depending on the tool (e.g. product-machine-tool-equipment manning).

By dividing the setup time into setup phases, additional key data for the analysis of potential improvements is generated. The same applies if a loss type is entered for planned and, in particular, unplanned tool changes during the period of the order (e.g. tool breakage or on reaching the service life). These loss times can subsequently be analyzed in detail.

Assessments of the Tool Deployment and Tool Changes Highlight the Potential for Optimization

The analysis of setup phases, the comparison of tool change durations (e.g. setup matrix), planned and unplanned changes, the total and duration of the service lives, etc. shows the potential for improvement, and takes place via both prepared and customer-specific assessments.

The tool that is used can also be relevant to the traceability.

Flexible Article Composition in the Yield of Multi-cavity Tools / Multi-hole Tools

In production processes with molding sequences, some tools have several cavities (molding posts). If a tool has several cavities, different articles can be molded according to the molding post. The so-called yield – i.e. the quantity per cycle time – then consists of a number of parts with different article numbers.

For the Cosmino production data acquisition (PDA), a yield from different articles can be defined for both the operating sequence and directly on the tool. With each cycle time, Cosmino then creates the corresponding data records for each defined product from the yield.

It may be the case that the yield saved on the tool or order is not produced in full or is not required. The worker then selects these for the data acquisition. As a rule, products of the deselected cavity are scrapped on a planned basis.

To increase the transparency, a performance loss can be created in the event of a reduced yield.

Master Data

Loss detection: Tool change

Change yield

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

Learn more about Cosmino and how we can help

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