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Cosmino Express

A stand-alone software solution for data acquisition and optimization of your OEE, quality and energy consumption for increased efficiency and transparency in manufacturing

Exactly What You Need

Avoid an expensive and time-intensive MES project which involves many responsible parties talking with each other, in the end, fails to include features that are significant to your business.

Cosmino Express is the inexpensive, faster software solution for the tasks indicated below. You can expand your system with additional features at any time, up to Cosmino MES, or use it as a sub-system for another MES solution.

Inexpensive and Quick to Implement

Data acquisition in manufacturing can become a challenge due to the often lack of uniformity in the machine landscape. In addition to automated transferal of machine signals (PLC, sensors and similar), Cosmino Express also makes manual entry of data possible using an online dialog.

The system can be expanded to use optional interfaces for ERP, CAQ or MES systems for integrating into your IT environment. Cosmino Express OEE will report the operating data in this case and give you the additional functionality of an operational data acquisition system (PDA).

Cosmino Express OEE

The software for acquiring machine times and evaluating the effectiveness of the entire System.

  • Uniform catalog of master data
  • Customized types of losses
  • Fully automated and intranet-based reporting system
  • Shift and daily reports with all machine times and operational data
  • Comprehensive loss analyses and OEE evaluations
  • Optional measures management system

Cosmino Express ProControl

The Cosmino utility for the acquisition of quality data and quality assurance.

  • Comprehensive test planning
  • DFQ import from testing plans or testing orders, export of the results
  • Attributive tests by type and location of error
  • Option to transfer measured data directly from the measurement equipment
  • Statistical process control (SPC) with control cards and Cpk comparison
  • Simple export systems for data for statistical evaluation systems like qs-STAT, Minitab or other systems
  • Optional with reporting

Cosmino EnergyVision

The energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001

  • Energy management software system capable of receiving grants
  • Listing the energy data from real and virtual meters
  • Analyses and evaluations
  • List of the measurement devices with calibration information
  • Automated monitoring of the measured values against thresholds
  • Association of energy data with orders and PDA data
  • Optional measures management system
  • Optional audit management system

Cosmino Express Modules

With Cosmino Express, practice-proven modules are used. For more information just click on the Cosmino module: