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Tool Management

Managing Tools, Measuring Tool Use and Costs as well as Increasing Efficiency

Cosmino ToolManagement

The module Cosmino ToolManagement provides the management of individually identifiable standard and special tools. Along with tool service life and tool life quantity, repairs and other operations on the tool are planned in the form of projects and recorded, with the inclusion of effort and costs.

This creates a life cycle for each tool. Many evaluations and analyses round off the solution and promote the optimal use of the tool.

Areas of Application

Tools must be repaired regularly to be available in the respective quality for the production process, and thus to minimize change times and unplanned tool changes.

Cosmino ToolManagement additionally takes the direct costs of the tool into account. Figures such as “maintenance costs per tool life” can be calculated and monitored by combining use and maintenance costs.

It is possible to use Cosmino ToolManagement independently from other Cosmino modules. But the recording of tool service life and tool life quantity can take place via the module Cosmino ToolControl. Cosmino DynaMon enables the analysis of recorded data in the form of evaluations. Maintenance measures on the tool can be planned and activated with Cosmino PreventiveAction.

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  • Central management of tools
  • Management of multilevel tools
  • Tool parts list
  • Clear identification of a tool
  • Data Transfer of service life and tool life to other software solutions / databases (e.g. recording via Cosmino ToolControl, import from ERP or existing BDE/MDE solution…)
  • Recording and allocation of costs to the individual tool
  • Budgets for tool maintenance, as for example “maintenance costs per cycle”, can be monitored automatically during ongoing operation
  • Planning and recording of effort and costs for repair operations
  • Storage locations for tools can be entered
  • Linking of relevant documents to the tool
  • Planning of maintenance operations according to service life, tool life or calendar period (see Cosmino PreventiveAction)
  • Seamless tracking of the application (see Cosmino Traceability)
  • Standardized reports such as tool effectiveness, target/actual deviations of change times, operating period and tool operations, analysis of tool costs,… (see Cosmino DynaMon)
  • Logbook for each tool

Your Benefits

  • Control of the budget for the tools (e.g. costs per cycle or tool life)
  • Optimization of tool use and tool change
  • Seamless transparency and traceability, since all uses and maintenance operations are automatically documented in an electronic „tool logbook
  • Decisions are made easier by fully automatic reporting of uses and maintenance work (standardized reporting)
  • Easy location of tools (installed, stored)
  • Overview of remaining service life or tool life up to the next maintenance
  • Can be used for all individual tools, from elaborate milling heads to injection molds
  • Expansion of an existing Cosmino solution or stand-alone for tool management

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