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Increase Efficiency

through transparency in the form of standardized and automatically calculated figures and analyses

Zero Defects Production

through quality assurance and workflow control

Early Warning System

based on up-to-date information and predictive analyses


as the first step to smart factory and Industry 4.0

„We will support you on your path to the smart factory.“

With modular software solutions and over 30 years of experience in the production sphere, we have become a recognized system partner and expert in the manufacturing industry. Our satisfied customers include industrial plants from different industries, all over the world.

Our expertise has proven successful especially in projects where we can bring in our own experience and our process understanding. By starting with a technical specification, we define the requirements and the implementation with you. Our team understands your concerns and brings your project to the desired outcome smoothly.

These projects, often started in a defined area, have resulted in many decades of partnerships.

Take a look at our website and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Cosmino Express provides smart, fast support for quality assurance, determining OEE and/or energy management:

Data is recorded manually or via machine connection, from which keyfigures and analyses are automatically produced. Depending on your needs, Cosmino Express can be extended to the full Cosmino MES Plus software or can supplement other MES solutions.


The modular Cosmino MES Plus software intensifies the interaction of human, resources and IT:

Thus, the digital factory becomes a smart factory: Cosmino MES Plus supports numerous processes, such as data collection, alerting, visualization, reporting, traceability, workflow control, quality assurance, energy Management, improvement process and many more.


Cosmino ManufacturingManager Controls the Production of Work In Process Products with Machines, Tools & People:

Zero defects and complete traceability – through a software which controls machines, tools, transports, material supply and manual processing. Even assembly operations with a high degree of variation are assisted and quality inspections are integrated in the production workflow.

Standardized Software

Modular and multilingual. Flexible configuration for illustrating different production processes, workstations and assignments. Observes VDI 5600 and other standardization recommendations.


More than 150 installations and 30 years of development experience. High-availability systems, systems with over 1000 workstations. Best practice reports ranging from the shopfloor to management. More than 30 000 hits per month/plant.

Project Support

From pilot project to rollout. Starting with the analysis of your requirements. Conception, installation, recommendations for infrastructure, training, workshops, start-up support and project management.

Industrie 4.0

Software development focused on Industry 4.0, market and customer requirements. Development of strategies and concepts for Industry 4.0. Integration of Cosmino software with other systems (ERP, CAQ, MES…) for a comprehensive production management system.

News & Upcoming Events

Find news, the newest reports and information about Cosmino’s latest developments.

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