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DFQ Export of Result Data from Inspection Plans

A inspection plan defines the features or attributes of a inspection object that need to be tested. If manual inspection is required (inspection order), Cosmino ProControl indicates the features to be tested to the examiner and requests the recording.
All already measured so-called result data can now be exported directly from the web interface of inspection planning into a DFQ file. DFQ is a standard format with which the values can be transferred into systems for further analysis, for example into […]

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Subsequent blocking of production quantities and components – regardless of which manufacturing process they are in

In case of traceability of single units and batches, each quality inspection can establish whether these meet the requirements or are to be excluded from further processing. It is therefore common practice to block or rework incomplete or defective quantities. But what happens if it is only clear at a later stage whether the production units already located in the manufacturing process are in order or faulty?

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