Cosmino Panteo

The custom-fit solution for your digital factory

Cosmino Panteo is a toolbox full of numerous function modules in the frontend, backend and reporting

When implementing your requirements with Cosmino Panteo, we use our own software components, such as our master data models for production workstations, tools or products, which have been tried and tested for over 35 years, as well as freely available tools, such as Docker or Grafana. The most important criterion for the selection of the software component is that the requirement can be fulfilled well and that no unnecessary complexity arises.

Cosmino Panteo “thinks for himself” and guides the data entry clerk through the tasks

Whenever it makes sense, data entry dialogs are created on the basis of our unique UI (user interface) concept. User guidance leads users through the work processes. All tasks that are pending at the digital workplace are lined up one after the other in a task queue based on the customer-specific priority and are started automatically when they are due. Only one task at a time is relevant for the worker at the entry workstation. He is guided through this and receives all the information he needs.

The data entry dialogs can be prepared cost-efficiently and yet individually using prepared UI elements. Subsequent changes can be made just as easily. Some displays and presentations can even be customized by the customer’s administrators themselves.

Responsive design and compliance with ISO 9241 are a matter of course.

Incidentally, data entry workstations without a data entry dialog are also possible. Existing data can be transferred online from machines or other systems via standardized interfaces. Usable handhelds, scanners, intelligent tools etc. are also integrated into the data capture concept.

Cosmino Panteo is a modern Industrie 4.0 software architecture

Cosmino Panteo is based on a network of digital objects, so-called digital (data) twins, on which the master data, orders and rules of conduct for dialogs and processes are managed. The online dialogs and other proprietary and third-party software components use these to execute the desired process.

Data is also recorded in the process via these digital twins and distributed to the online dialogs and software components. All communication is standardized via the Cosmino Panteo transactions, which is why it is ultimately irrelevant whether software components were added by COSMINO AG, by third-party manufacturers or by the customer themselves. This means that the system can also be expanded at a later date using the customer’s own components.

Our system architecture enables operation in the cloud as well as on premise. Multilingualism and update capability are a given.

Cosmino Panteo has 35 years of project experience in the field of PDA, MDA, MES and SPC

Our team is familiar with the dynamics and complexity of software projects, especially in manufacturing processes where people are also involved. Many of our project managers and analysts have been with the company for over ten years and can support your project team with this experience. Some of the architects behind our solutions have been with us from the very beginning and have preserved the experience gained from hundreds of projects, a similar number of different processes and 35 years of solution development.

Starting with the analysis of your requirements, through consulting, conception, agile development, installation, recommendations for the infrastructure, training, start-up support and ongoing support as part of a service contract, we support you as a motivated and solution-oriented partner.

“As the head of our service team, it’s important to me that the customer knows you can call COSMINO, they respond quickly, understand you, know the processes in the respective plant and find a good solution.”   

Quote from Heribert Lamm, with COSMINO since 2004

Quotes from our customers:

„With the use of Cosmino visualization in production and rework, we were able to ensure compliance with
workflows and achieve shorter production cycles”

Quote from Andreas Beyer, Managing Director of Hönninger
Betonfertigteil GmbH

“With the use of the Cosmino solution, we havebetter and more up-to-date data, allowing us to
manage our processes faster and on a more
targeted basis.”

Quote from Christoph Hermes Poos, Authorized Signatory and
Head of Commercial Divisions & IT in Pforzheim, Stark Druck GmbH + Co. KG

“The Cosmino system is much smarter than anything we know. The longer I look into it, the cooler Cosmino becomes for us”

Quote from Sven Jauch, Stark Druck GmbH + Co. KG

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