Integration Platform and Data Hub Cosmino Panteo

Cosmino Panteo is a network of digital data twins that can be scaled as required, including integration options for the existing system infrastructure. Cosmino Panteo is part of the Cosmino system architecture but can also be used independently of Cosmino software.


The digital twins exchange data bidirectionally, with machines, tools, other software systems, such as ERP, warehouse systems or transport systems, and input devices, such as browser dialogues, handhelds, scanners, RFID-readers and more. At the same time, the data twins keep all the information for a certain period of time in order to grant the other systems in the network access to it. Via Cosmino Panteo systems exchange data without needing interfaces themselves.


COSMINO provides its own software solutions as part of the Panteo network. The same rules apply to these as to third-party systems as data sources and data recipients: any communication via unique transactions and via the digital twins is standardized. For the Cosmino Panteo system architecture, it does not matter whether components of COSMINO AG or other manufacturers create, modify, or use a data set.

Security requirements such as authentication, user and rights management, SSL encryption etc. are obvious and make Cosmino Panteo an integrated solution for the digital factory: to integrate MES functionalitiers into the system lanscape, to supplement and connect exisiting solitions or to close the last remaining gaps.

Integration platform and data hub Cosmino Panteo Digital Twin

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