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What Kind of Data Can Be Acquired with production data acquisition?

COSMINO AG is turning 35 years old. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the experience we have gained over the years in dealing with production data. Most recently, we explored the question of why machine data is not transferred directly from the machine to ERP and analysis tools, but is instead provided via acquisition systems such as PDA.

We have been dealing with data acquisition since the company was founded, and all common requirements have now become part of the Cosmino software solution.

Two main areas of focus emerged in the task given to Cosmino BDE:

1.Data collected to support order management and inventory management in ERP. On the one hand, this is a typical order data, through which stocks can also be corrected retrogradely. On the other hand, Cosmino also offers the option of recording the consumption of BOM components and other materials required in the process, which cannot be calculated retrogradely.

Furthermroe, batches for the article and the materials used, tools and carriers used, personnel employed, activities, quality inspections, maintenance activities, measures, etc. can be recorded. Cosmino BDE collects practically everything that can be useful for correct order statistics in the ERP.

2.Data collected to create meaningful machine effectiveness reports, including all recorded downtimes, cycle slowdowns, and quality defects. This is information that is supplemented by manual entries on the online dialog. Manual because control information cannot provide any statement about what was the cause of a downtime or a cycle slowdown. A shortage of material, for example, can have various causes that are to be valuated differently. The same applies if lack of personnel is the reason for the downtime. Were there too few personnel scheduled, are they being used elsewhere at the same time, were there absences, or did the downtime occur during the pause? Depending on which applies, other downtime measures are applicable.

The separation between waiting times and repair times has also proven successful, as long response times in the event of a problem also require other remedial measures than technical problems.

One user summed it up this way after a training session, "The system is much smarter than anything we know. The longer I get into it, the cooler Cosmino becomes for us." Link to the quote
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