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Cosmino Digital Twin: Controlling And Monitoring Via A Web-Based Admin Interface

Digital Twins of a real object play a crucial role for different actions: Cosmino MES' in-system communication, data exchange with sub-systems, machines and devices, and live visualization via MES-internal or separate monitoring applications.

There is now a modern web interface available to make it easier for customer administrators to access the Digital Twin.

This allows the status of a system's Digital Twin to be monitored. It can also be seen whether the running jobs are working or whether an error occurs. In addition, the admin interface can be used to parameterize the connection between the Digital Twin and an input interface.

Since the Digital Twins have a REST service to exchange data with Cosmino MES and other systems, the admin interface is currently being prepared to perform "GET" or "POST" commands. In the future, the configuration of a machine data transfer from OPC-UA will also be done via the modern admin interface and thus will be much easier to use for users without IT background. It is also planned to transfer workflow control, i.e. the control of Work Items by the manufacturing processes, to the Digital Twin. This makes it easier for external systems to access the predefined workflow rules and thus the next processing steps.

In an Industry 4.0 future that is unthinkable without Digital Twins, the admin interface is becoming one of the most important tools for system administrators to control the factory.
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