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Cosmino MES Plus safely guides Units through the Manufacturing Steps

Navigating manufacturing units reliably and successfully through the manufacturing process is the newest feature in Cosmino MES Plus. COSMINO software will guide each unit through the manufacturing steps and individual work steps using a pre-defined work flow. Variations and the results of quality assurance checks will be taken into consideration. The quality of the work flow steps will also be checked for success. Each step in a work flow is a manufacturing step at a specific machine, an individual activity, a test or a background process. A work flow has weaknesses, such as the need to create variations or re-work steps. Work flow control supports the delivery of an article to a customer with the correct quality and variation. People who have used the new feature have reported that they have successfully achieved compliance with a zero error system. Fig.: Cosmino MES Plus ensures that all process steps will be completed with the appropriate quality for each variation. Parts that do not fulfill these requirements will be scheduled for re-work or removed from the process.
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