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Cosmino MES Software is already used in 16 Countries and 10 Languages

In industrial companies, it is usually necessary for software systems to support several language, above all when employees of different nationalities work with it or when the system is used at several locations worldwide. With Cosmino MES it is therefore possible to pre-set the preferred language for each user and implement this accordingly, directly in each interface at the push of a button. For the roll-out of Cosmino software for a customer, Cosmino MES Plus has now been translated into Hungarian. As a consequence, Hungarian is one of 10 language versions which are already available for Cosmino MES Plus. This is very impressive if you think about the average language cover of ME systems. This means that Cosmino MES Plus is used by the aforementioned customers in four different countries. Overall, COSMINO is represented in a current total of 16 countries with around 100 installations. Transferring Cosmino software into different language versions is simple and can be achieved directly by the user (see illustration) This means that individual internal company terminology can also be used, for example. There are no limits to potential language versions. The multilingual system even supports Chinese and Arabic characters. The wide language cover offers advantages for the worldwide use of the MES solution. Each user can determine their standard language in the system settings. Regardless of the location they find themselves in. Cosmino also supports the cross-factory exchange of information through its multilingualism. Illustration.: Personalising or expanding language versions can be this simple. Illustration.: Cosmino MES plus is currently used in 16 different countries. Many customers have already been counting on our software for over 20 years.