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Digital Twin enable fast, system-independent Communication between Operational Equipment and MES Components

Manufacturing execution systems like Cosmino MES Plus are the information hubs for the manufacturing industry. These systems are acquiring enormous amounts of data about machines, tools and other components and processing the data into information. Many Cosmino MES features, as well as external software systems, require the information generated in this manner. Cosmino AG already provides 17 custom-developed modules for their MES software. In addition, products from partners have been integrated with the system and data is being exchanged with ERP, CAQ and third-party MES & BDE systems. Because many modules often access the same data at the same time, each individual physical object has been cloned as an autonomous, intelligent data component. This Cosmino Digital Twin contains, and provides access to all of the data and properties associated with such objects. This approach accelerates access in the millisecond range while reducing the load on the database. Controlling assembly lines for automotive suppliers is an initial application case. In addition to the Cosmino Digital Twin for each line station, each individual product also has an object that contains all of the information arising from the assembly process. Cosmino MES Plus will steer the operators through the assembly steps. For example, if a clip has been mounted, Cosmino MES Plus will detect it in real time using the assembly tool’s sensors. If a screwdriver's torque is important, it will be monitored as a process parameter by the Cosmino module and tested against the specifications and thresholds. Only after the test has been passed successfully the next assembly step will be released. In addition to simple signals, complex algorithms can also be used. A lot of data, such as measurement values, decisions and so on, will be duplicated by the Cosmino Digital Twin and for the product and kept redundantly. In the future, external systems (such as mini-apps) as well as the internal MES modules will be able to communicate with these digital clones for the visualization of data, for example. In fact, MES jobs will be distributed to several manufacturing execution systems, where possible, in the factory of the future. The customer will be able to choose which features will be implemented and by which provider. Ultimately, only the communication between the systems and between the people will have a fixed definition. Communication with the Cosmino Digital Twin can be conducted using a REST interface, OPC UA or Modbus. The interfaces can be expanded as desired. The approach used by this technique already corresponds to the concept of an open-system, digital management shell for each component, as required by the reference architecture model for Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0). The Industry 4.0 requirements are important criteria for Cosmino AG’s software development so that usage of the software will be intelligent over the long term.
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