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New Product Feature: Cosmino Audit Module provides automatically checklists

With the help of audits, it is systematically examined whether a process satisfies certain requirements and guidelines. The improvement process benefits from this in particular, since audits can include tracking and documenting soft factors such as employee motivation. The Cosmino AuditManager supports planning, execution, and evalutation of an audit. Audits may be triggered manually or automatically at scheduled times after specified runtimes, events or produced quantities. With the current version of Cosmino AuditManager, it is not possible to automatically trigger checklists when a production order starts, a new tool setup occurs, etc. Similar to Audits, Checklists are based on user-defined questionnaires that can utilize various assessment procedures (grades, yes-no, percent, etc.). To ensure that the appropriate and responsible employee completes a checklist verification of the personnel number or password can be included. Audit-EN Cosmino AuditMan Conducting online audits and checklists based on specified events. Also new in the new AuditManager module is an optional final report for Audits (5S, environment, etc.). The Audit is then only marked complete when an authorized person has confirmed the final report. Until then, the Audit is marked as performed but not yet completed. The new features of the Cosmino AuditManager, make its use in the production environment even more beneficial and it more thoroughly support numerous activities on and off the shopfloor environment. Of particular interest for all existing customers: If you are already using the Cosmino AuditManager you can get all new features with your next system update for free. A final hint for companies trying to save energy: Internal Audits are an important part of the ISO 50001 certification for energy management.