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Practical Experience Day, “Continuous Improvement” was a Complete Success

The roughly 150 participants gave the event a positive grade of 3.14 . Both DATA INPUT AG as well as the other exhibitors considered the First Annual Practical Experiences Day, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, which took place on September 30, 2010, a complete success. In particular, we are very happy about the fact that the lectures by our Managing Director, Mr. Frank Egersdörfer, were considered very informative and very close to the real-life experience, as were the software tools presented for manufacturing companies by the other "producers" who were present. This time, continuous improvement processes in the office, and its management, were not the center of attention this time. Professor Constantin May (CETPM, Ansbach) provided the participants more insight into the issue of "Continuing Education as a Factor for the Success of Continuous Improvement Processes" using an example from CETPM's teaching factory and really got them talking! As a rule, the introductory phase is quite time consuming. With his lecture, Jürgen Schrader (T & O, München) was waiting with several tips about reasonable external support for companies, such as selection of methods and general consultation for the introduction of CIP processes. Not least, the spontaneous address by Alexander Repczuk (Production Manager for ContiTech Vibration Control) rounded out the practical experience portion of the day, when he reported on his experience with the advantages for his company using the software solutions presented. Both the lecturers as well as the people at the information booths were available for providing detailed information to the participants after the lectures. The breaks provided opportunities to exchange information, an opportunity that was used actively. Of course, there was criticism as well. Critical issues will be improved at the next event, with support by the response management in the Cosmino Suite for CIP, of course. We would like to thank the lecturers and guests both for their participation as well as their suggestions. In accordance with the assessment of the feedback from our guests, the Practical Experiences Day, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, Nuremberg, will be repeated next year. We will then present even more details about practical implementation in accordance with the most often requested suggestion from our guests. Above all, this applies to the preparation, data acquisition and management processes of the control systems. However, many guests also pointed out the fact that they have taken new suggestions with them, which they will immediately apply in their own companies from this year's event. May this or any future CIP-Days light the fire for continuous improvement at your company! Only those who continue to improve will belong at the top in the future!
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