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Production Controlling and worker guidance with Cosmino ManufacturingManager

With the new MES-software module, the Cosmino ManufacturingManager, COSMINO AG controls the processing and assembly of items and components. The production and machining process are clearly determined for each variant of a component or item. The units are controlled by the work stages and their correct execution is ensured. The Cosmino software acts as an assistance system. In each workplace, it specifies the operations corresponding to the variant for the employee consecutively. In this way, the MES takes the employee through the individual work stages and explains these with texts, images and videos. Machines, tools and pick-to-light systems can be connected, and their use can be triggered by Cosmino MES Plus. When an operation has been carried out successfully, the next procedure is activated. If this takes place in another workplace, the software controls the goods movement by connected, driverless transport systems. The solution is based on proven and reliableCosmino software functions and a digital twin for each individual product. The Cosmino ManufacturingManager will be presented at the SPS IPC Drives, Hall 6, Booth 440, from 27.-29.11.2018.

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