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Simulation and Detailed Planning of Production Orders as per Actual Capacities

The detailed planning of orders according to the actually available capacities allows for regulated processes and reliable delivery approvals. At the same time, differing sequence optimizations (setup optimization, for example) can be implemented in the planning, as long as the processes and delivery dates are not placed at risk.
In this respect, the Cosmino ControlCenter accepts the orders from the ERP systems and plans them on an ideal basis in accordance with the available capacities. Reasonable times for the work processes and realistic delivery periods are calculated via a parameterizable optimization strategy.
This software is based on the long-standing experience of a software partner that specializes in detailed planning and is currently being implemented in the Cosmino MES Plus solution.
In this case, the advantage is the rapid operational readiness of the Cosmino ControlCenter, with approximately 800 prepared planning parameters. A development of algorithms per Work Center is completely omitted and reduces the setup workload to a fraction of the service performances of comparable systems.
In addition to the optimization and planning of existing orders, the responsible control station flags up bottlenecks or excessively low rates of capacity utilization in advance and allows for a prompt response.
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