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Successful MES Webinar Series Continues

Last year, more than 100 interested parties registered to participate in COSMINO AG's free webinar series on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). For software provider COSMINO AG, this is a reason to offer the informative topic presentations again in 2022.

The online seminars provide assistance in the selection and introduction of an MES and show many practical examples. Key aspects of MES functionalities such as production data acquisition, the key figure OEE and worker guidance are also topics to illustrate the possibilities of a Manufacturing Execution System.

René Grabowski In times when material and delivery bottlenecks meet high variance and strict quality requirements, the market's expectations of manufacturing execution systems are justifiably high. However, if the expectations and the requirements definition do not match, the MES project can quickly fail; the same applies if the topic is underestimated.

Thus, the webinars are well suited for those interested in manufacturing software, but also for managers who have already started with the digitization of production. Since the number of participants is limited, questions from participants or the situation on site can be addressed individually. Presenter René Grabowski has more than 17 years of experience in the MES environment and would like to provide useful application-related assistance with this webinar series.

The topics build loosely on each other with recurring elements and are therefore also suitable for multiple participation. However, it is not necessary to complete them all or in the sequence shown:

  • Basics and Practical Knowledge for the Selection of Your MES System
  • How Transparency in Manufacturing Saves Costs: Managing in Real Time with Key Figures and Finding Savings for the Future
  • How an Intelligent Software Solution Relieves Assembly Employees and Reduces Errors
  • Easily Setup and Configure Existing Processes in the MES Yourself

  • If you are interested in participating, you will find the next dates in our event calendar. The webinars are offered in German, English would also be possible if required.

    Register today free of charge and without any obligation. We are looking forward to meeting you!
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