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Tool Management

Cosmino Tool Management for Multi-stage Tools Prevents Failures

The tools used in production machines are an important cost factor which, like the machine itself, is highlighted and optimized on a regular basis by means of various improvement strategies. When tools are made up of different individual components, it is necessary to take an individual view of each component, as the use of a multi-stage overall tool can become significantly more expensive or even impossible due to wear on just one component. […]

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Cosmino for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

For over 20 years, Cosmino OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) has been used in manufacturing plants to record operating data and running times and to determine overall equipment effectiveness, and is continuously developed by an experienced team. The software is highly configurable and therefore adaptable to any production processes, machines, lines and manual workstations.

For any equipment, Cosmino Software measures:

Net productivity – production
Availability losses – unplanned downtimes
Performance losses – time where production is slower than planned
Quality losses
Set-up times

Increasing […]

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Production Control

Fault-Free Production Processes also in Variants and Manual Assembly

Cosmino MES Plus controls the production process for each variant of a component or item via the Cosmino ManufacturingManager module. The software thus ensures smooth and fault-free assembly and processing. Especially in variant manufacturing and in multilevel and non-linear work stages, the MES keeps an overview of the quality, variant and correct sequence. Via this module, Cosmino MES Plus also controls further transport between work stations and the processing in production cells […]

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Corporate System

Cosmino MES Plus for Company Headquarters

The Cosmino Corporate System is a central MES for company-wide reporting and benchmarking tasks. It is used if Cosmino MES Plus is applied in several locations. The data from these decentralised installations are then collected to show figures and analyses at company level. Machines and other resources can also be compared separately from the plant hierarchy.

A central Corporate MES requires local installations at all plants. Validated data from external collection systems can be used as […]

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Data Acquisition (PDA, MDA)

Cosmino Data Acquisition

With Cosmino data acquisition in the area of Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) and Production Data Acquisition (PDA), you collect not only data, but also obtain information. In this way, situations in production, such as plant downtimes and waiting times, can be addressed more quickly. A reporting is available for further data analysis. Bidirectional communication with ERP systems and other components of your IT infrastructures is supported by many interfaces.

Automated Transfer of Machine Signals and Visualization via Touch Screen […]

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Energy Management System

Cosmino Software for Energy Management

Using energy incurs expenses. The Energy Management System targets optimization of resources. Doing so provides enormous potential for saving costs in industrial manufacturing. Cosmino’s Energy Management Software provides support for acquiring data and evaluating it, such as using special energy performance indicators (EnPI). It makes energy management based on the globally valid DIN EN ISO 50001 standard possible and the software is listed by BAFA for Eligible Energy Management Systems.

Energy Values from Real and Virtual Meters

Cosmino will […]

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Cosmino Traceability and Control of Units through the Process Steps

Traceability with Cosmino makes documenting the entire path of a traced unit (individual product, component or batch) through the manufacturing process possible. Times, processes, operational data, order, machine parameters, test results, preliminary products, materials, tools and other information will thereby be uniquely assigned to a traced unit.

Controlling the workflow also prevents units from getting into the wrong processes. Work sequences, quality and variations will also be taken into consideration.

Trace Components, Products […]

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Quality Management

Cosmino Quality Management

The Cosmino software supports the zero-defect strategy by logging and analyzing qualitative (attributive) and quantitative (variable) defects on products. The traceability via serial numbers displays the defect history and the rework that has taken place for each article. In addition, a blocked parts management is available.
Wide-ranging support is also given to the Inspection-Plan-based Statistical Process Control (SPC).
From the logged data, Cosmino creates key figures (PPM, CpK …), analyses, histories and numerous additional assessments.

The Cosmino Software Increases the Reliability […]

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Improvement Management

Cosmino Continuous Improvement

Kaizen, Six Sigma, CIP, SMED, QRQC, Heijunka, 5A/5S, Kaikaku, Andon, DOE, QFD Low Cost Automation, Value Stream Mapping, Benchmarking, Lean Management, Poka Yoke, Gemba, TPM, Chaku Chaku, Jidoka, FMEA, BVW, Kanban, Makigami…
Regardless of the methods used for working on your continuous improvement, various modules and features of the Cosmino software can support these methods and the individual improvement process in a targeted manner.


Detecting Causes of Losses

Detecting disruptions through the equipment signals does not suffice for an integrated and […]

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Cosmino MES Plus as an Integration Platform for Machine to Machine Communication (M2M), as Required by the Industry 4.0

Machines, tools, processing units, transportation systems, material supply systems, sensors, meters and systems that control processes such as MES, CAQ and ERP can already communicate with each other completely independently. In contrast to the manual handling of the data in the process, the M2M communication between the systems can take place in real time. This provides possibilities for the process to be […]

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