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Continuous Availability of Testing Instructions, Product Drawings and Control Plans at the Workstation

The core of our MES/MDA solutions is the Cosmino WorkerPoint. This human-machine interface presents the acquired machine data in real time to the operators. Operators have direct access to all Cosmino software features needed at the workstation, like the SPC dialog for statistical process control. New features have been added to this SPC dialog, which allow documents and web pages to be linked in and displayed. Operators can now review controls plans, testing instructions and product drawings that are important for their work digitally at the test station. Doing this provides access to all of the necessary digital documents through Cosmino WorkerPoint, which acts as the central software tool at the workstation. In an Industry 4.0 future, one can even imagine that Cosmino WorkerPoint will also serve as the operators’ interface to software features that are not covered exclusively by Cosmino systems. sc_spc_document list

Ill.: The SPC dialog in Cosmino WorkerPoint serves to test product characteristics. Associating testing instructions, drawings and other documents digitally further eases the workflow.