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COSMINO AG is the new sponsor for the team uniforms for Gündogan’s Ex-Club S.S.V. Buer

COSMINO AG is proud to sponsor the team uniforms for the C league youth soccer team of S.S.V. Buer (sixth division in Westphalia). This team traditionally from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, was founded in 1964 and is considered the talent pool in North Rhine-Westphalia. The success youth program has also recently helped to fund their association. Ex-Dortmund team member Ilkay Gündogan played for S.S.V. Buer from 2004 to 2005. For that reason, the “training team” received solidarity funding that was directly invested into the renovation of the artificial turf field after Mr. Gündogan’s move to Manchester. However, the Dortmund, Manchester and Munich teams are not the primary goal of the youth soccer players from Buer. In the Gelsenkirchen neighborhood, people dream more of playing one day for their major-city neighbor, FC Schalke 04. The current youth team, who will now be appearing in Cosmino colors, may currently be hiding the next world star, because many young talents are regularly sent to the German Soccer Association’s training center in Gelsenkirchen. Once there, their talents are intensively encouraged in addition to the three weekly training blocks at the Association’s training facility in the Löchterheide forest. FC Schalke 04 also assisted in arranging a friendly game against FC Barcelona. The Buer team feels ready to take on this big job. [caption id="attachment_10633" align="alignleft" width="300"]mannschaftsfoto S.S.V. Buer S.S.V. Buer[/caption] We would like to wish the S.S.V. Buer players a lot of success in the current season and, most importantly, hope they will have a lot of fun playing soccer. Our software development efforts are playing out a bit like a soccer season, because the programmers are developing the game from behind the lines. Our Customer Service team is also “well-placed”, as is the project team, which is always ready to ensure the proper operation of our software at the customer site. Finally, the Testing department is always ensuring that we don’t “lose any turnovers”. You can find more information about S.S.V. Buer here: https://www.ssvbuer.de/
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