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Cosmino Digital Twins for Operational Data and Machine Conditions

The new architecture required by Industry 4.0 for production-related systems such as MES – Digital Twins to a real object play a decisive role in this. COSMINO AG has been using Digital Twins as an intelligently controlling data platform for some time now and is proactively preparing them for the tasks of Industry 4.0. Digital Twins are used, for example, to take data from external sources and output it to data acquisition dialogs, BI tools, and third-party systems. Increasingly, controlling functions are also playing a role.

Cosmino Digital Twin holds data for a real object, e.g. a specific Work Center or a specific component. For this object, evaluations are then generated on the shopfloor (e.g. operational data, processing logs, etc.) or the material flow is controlled (e.g. specifications, next work steps, add-on parts, etc.). In the future, further Cosmino Digital Twin types, such as for the objects production order, tool, etc., are planned.

Currently, we are in the process of preparing the data communication of the Cosmino Digital Twin for all MES functions. Present lighthouse projects focus on the collection of operational data and machine statuses as well as process data, the latter in some cases with more than 100 features per machine.

In addition, a modern, browser-based administration interface for Digital Twins is in preparation to make it easier for our customers' system administrators to access the functions as well as the configurations on the Cosmino Digital Twins.

We are sure: Cosmino Digital Twins open the way to Industry 4.0 for our customers.

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