Cosmino MES Plus

Cosmino Manufacturing Execution System intensifies collaboration between people, operating equipment and IT making the digital factory an intelligent (smart) factory.

The Factory controlled by an MES system will achieve More Efficiency than a Manually Organized Competitor

Cosmino MES Plus creates transparency and increases quality and efficiency in production. Manual management effort for production orders will be reduced by half. MES will make a large numbers of variations and flexible access behavior feasible. The Zero Defects strategy (ZD) can be completely ensured all the way to the customer. The Traceability feature is also a precious assurance when a recall must be made.

Welcome to the Smart Factory

Statistical quality sampling and comparison of the control cards using intervention limits and process capability (CpK) will be done reliably using Cosmino MES Plus. Integrated test planning will also provide support. If the values do not fit the tolerances, the software will propose measures to ensure Quality.

Among other things, operational data, order data, machine data, personnel data, tool data, quality data, changeover times, energy data and process data will be acquired. Using the Traceability feature will add additional information such as materials and preliminary products. This data will be assigned to a processing unit or batch. Cosmino MES Plus will validate, visualize and distribute the incoming information. Adjustable parameters define which results should cause the system to generate an alarm notification using signals, email, SMS or phone call. This will make quick reaction, while Cosmino MES Plus can simultaneously support compliance with the defined processes and standards using automatically triggered checklists and testing using audits.

The acquired data will be evaluated by the Cosmino reporting system and key metrics will be calculated. Business Intelligence systems will make optimization of the process possible so that machine downtime will be avoided preventatively.

The strict interaction with the planning layer (such as ERP, CAQ and refined planning) will give these system periodic feedback from the production system using interfaces. Using this approach, physical inventory counts can be kept up-to-date and planning scenarios adjusted to the current status. The refined planning of orders, machines, tools and personnel can also be done using Cosmino MES Plus.

Cosmino MES Plus will also regulate the workflow of each individual processing unit using work sequences. Doing this will prevent components from entering the wrong processes, for example defective parts going to shipping and to customers.

Cosmino MES Plus can also reliably analyze machine times including disruptions, because efficient use of operating equipment saves expenses. If a disruption is discovered, the employee will be questioned. This is just as valuable for the analysis as automatically acquired data. The CIP, through which Cosmino MES Plus has been organized to save time and operate easily, will also request employee knowledge.

Facts, figures and data about several locations can also be transferred to a corporate system and displayed. This provides the advantages that comparison related to machines or processes can be made across plant hierarchies.

Learn more about Cosmino MES Plus

Learn more about Cosmino MES Plus


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