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Improved Shift Scheduling with Cosmino

Until now, the Cosmino Software could only use one shift model as the starting template for each workstation. The shift model had to be changed in the master data and would be valid immediately after that. For this reason, a new user-friendly shift model planning functionality has been developed, which takes into consideration the diverse shift scheduling requirements of our customer base. 1. With the improved shift scheduling, various shift models can be used for a plant and scheduled for the individual days and weeks. The shift templates are assigned for the entire foreseeable schedule using a simple calendar feature. Week-Shift-Model-EN

III.: The shift scheduling above shows the production shifts (in green) flexi-shifts (in pink) and nonworking shifts (in gray). 

2. The number of potential breaks has been increased. Up to six breaks can now be individually scheduled per shift. All known shift templates from the customer group will be adequately supported.

3. Subsequent scheduling of idle periods falls completely away, because Cosmino recognizes unassigned shifts as "unscheduled". Still active machine states, such as an incomplete maintenance or downtime from the previous shift, will be recorded correctly.
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