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Increased Machine Availability as a Service

COSMINO AG, a provider of software solutions for the production industry, and SDI Project Automation GmbH, a service provider for automation and service in the manufacturing industry, together have concluded a strategic cooperation agreement. The uncertainty of the market with regard to Industry 4.0 and the lack of capacities at manufacturing companies require external service providers to themselves select, introduce and maintain the tools appropriate to their work. SDI Project Automation GmbH from Herford, Germany, is such a service provider. Through intelligent support, SDI has been improving the availability of systems at their customers’ sites and has even become a value creating factor. “Cosmino MES Plus is the right tool for our work”, stated Guido Kaupmann, CEO and Founder of SDI Project Automation. “We first probed the market in detail and chose COSMINO AG’s software solution for ourselves for good reason.” Verabschiedung der Partnerschaft in Nürnberg

Werner Pospiech, Head of Sales, closing the Cooperation Deal in Nuremberg, Germany,  with Guido Kaupmann, CEO of SDI, and Frank Egersdörfer, CEO of COSMINO (left to right)

From their headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, COSMINO AG provides software solutions for the production industry, which covers the entire spectrum of the features of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The services of SDI Project Automation GmbH ensure a high level of machine availability and savings in terms of internal maintenance capacities. SDI also ensures that the use of MES will lead to continuous increases in efficiency. In turn, this results in increased benefits for customers when introducing the software, because the SDI service team is familiar working with the Cosmino software. The first cooperative projects between SDI and COSMINO have already been started, because numerous manufacturing companies need increased levels of availability from their production systems.