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Quick and Intuitive Inspection of Qualitative Product Properties Powered by Cosmino® ProControl’s Hierarchical Error Patterns with Grid Presentation

image-from-newsThe Cosmino Quality Control software module ProControl works directly with electronic or printed inspection charts to detect errors in the product quality. Using the electronic option, the operator can view the component to be checked digitally. They can then very simply choose the error location by tapping the corresponding button on the touch screen.

Afterwards, the type of error detected will be supplemented from the list provided. During the qualitative inspection of product properties, the error location can be selected from across as many hierarchical layers as desired.Each layer is a detailed view of the selected area.

In addition, a grid with an adjustable size can be overlaid onto the digital picture of the component. This will allow the selection of almost any position on the component for inspection. This grid overlay can also work together with a hierarchically depicted error pattern. These new features will be provided to users of Cosmino® ProControl by updating to version 6.42 or higher, free of charge as always.
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