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Quickly and Easily Log and Diagnose Mini-stops for Machines and Systems

With Cosmino’s software, machine stops can be logged by automatically monitoring a clock signal. As a rule, the machine operator must supplement the description of the actual cause of the stop, because even PLC systems only recognize the symptoms of faults, but not their causes. Generally, the personnel do not diagnose stops. Cosmino can automatically log stops that exceed a certain time frame as mini-stops. The time frame setting can be customized. Because many small stops (mini-stops) also contribute to poor OEE, the current release of Cosmino from October contains a newly developed feature, which can overwrite the logged mini-stops quickly and practically at the end of the shift, along with their actual causes. To use this feature, open the loss hierarchy from the online workstation and filter it for mini-stops. Then, select either a certain number of mini-stops (such as the last five) or those for a certain period (such as the last three hours). Finally, determine the actual cause of the selected mini-stops. A mini-stop can be split using the time period selection option. Assigning the mini-stops to performance losses will not be changed by the subsequent diagnosis. This new feature makes it possible to save time when logging of the causes of mini-stops. This simple manner of logging will quickly prove the potential that can be achieved from improvement measures when recurring causes lead to several mini-stops.