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Save Costs during the Use of Tools – with the Management and Digital Entry of the Tool Life of All Tool Components

The tools used in production machines are an important cost factor which, like the machine itself, are highlighted and optimized on a regular basis using different improvement strategies.
When tools are made up of different individual components, it is necessary to take an individual view of each component. After all, if just one component breaks, the use of a multi-stage overall tool may become significantly more expensive, or may even no longer be possible. Frequently, replacing a faulty component or servicing it in good time would have been cheaper than unplanned repair work, which in the worst case scenario results in an extended production downtime.

With the Cosmino ToolControl additional module, the entry of operational or machine data in Cosmino can be supplemented with tool data. In addition to the advantages of this tool management, which is described in further detail below, this means that the tool data is also available for the traceability or for customer-specific assessments.
One part of the solution is a uniform organization of the tools and tool components in the Master Data administration.

The Master Data of the components is created over five hierarchy levels. This includes the definition of which piece of Master Data is defined as the main tool.
A special entry screen makes it possible to digitally map the installation of components into a main tool – or the assembly of components to a tool. The same applies to the subsequent disassembly, in which the further use of the components that are removed – preparation or scrapping – can be entered in the entry screen.
By recording the assembly and disassembly of tools, the tool management system provides a transparent overview of which components are currently installed and where. A history of the previous use of components for tools is also available here.

The data sheet for a main tool shows the components that are currently fitted there. The data sheet of a tool component shows in which main tool it is fitted. A history of the previous use is also available for tools and components (see fig.).
The respective main tool and/or the tool unit can then be recorded at the machines using the Cosmino PDA terminal to determine the tool life.
The tool which is planned for an operating sequence can be clearly specified. When entering the tool ID, a comparison with this specification from the order takes place. This prevents the use of the incorrect tool.

The number of cycles calculated from this is valid for each component which is currently installed in the tool. This allows the best possible maintenance cycle and the remaining service life of each individual component to be transparently analyzed and monitored.
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