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Subsequent blocking of production quantities and components – regardless of which manufacturing process they are in

In case of traceability of single units and batches, each quality inspection can establish whether these meet the requirements or are to be excluded from further processing. It is therefore common practice to block or rework incomplete or defective quantities. But what happens if it is only clear at a later stage whether the production units already located in the manufacturing process are in order or faulty? The blocking part management of Cosmino MES Plus software allows for a subsequent blocking of the parts concerned, even when theyhave already gone through additional work steps or have completed the manufacturing process. For this purpose, all production quantities which are dependent on a clearly defined inspection, but for which there is still no quality statement, are entered into a common process. Initially, this does not affect the further processing and handling. The units can undergo further work steps, while spot checks, first samples, etc. still expect a test result. It must be configured up to which point a handling of production quantities which have not been finally approved may be carried out. Work steps exceeding this are blocked by the MES. If it is required and defined, the units concerned could already be in transit before it is definitively established whether they can be delivered or not. If a final quality decision is made, all the production quantities concerned are either approved or blocked depending on the outcome. If they are approved, the units can be fully completed. However, if they are blocked, further processing in the process or delivery is stopped immediately. When manufacturing a product, various quality measurements often take place according to defined operating steps in order to identify bad quality early on and especially in a reliable manner. For this reason, a clearly identifiable production quantity can be in several blocking decisions at the same time. For users of Cosmino MES Plus, this new function means a better handling of quantities which are still expecting a quality decision. The operation can initially continue up to a defined point, as delivery times may not be otherwise adhered to. If the quality is bad, the quantities are automatically blocked by the MES. The operators are relieved and the Cosmino software ensures a safe and automatic blocking part management.