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35 Years of Project Experience in Digitalization and Data Acquisition

COSMINO AG was founded on November 01, 1988 in Nuremberg in the basement of the residential building of the two company founders Hans and Frank Egersdörfer. Today, many customers from the first years are still working with Cosmino software, which has developed enormously during the 35 years – and will continue to do so.

What sets us apart is the depth of process we delve into with our clients before we begin implementation. It may be the result of numerous project experiences that our employees want to understand every detail of the process and never assume that company-wide processes are the same and have no special cases.

Most of our employees responsible for analyses have been with the company for ten years or more and have already solved numerous customer requirements in the best possible way. This wealth of experience becomes visible, for example, in project definition workshops, when our questions reveal gaps or inconsistencies in the process that the customer had not noticed before and that he can now close with our help.

We also sometimes find that the standards in processes or key figure formulas announced in advance by the customer ultimately differ from department to department. OEE in particular offers many opportunities to influence the value of this key figure. Our team often acts as consultants in meetings, and together with the customer's specialists, a clear definition for implementation is always found.

The direct line and communication at eye level also create room for mutual trust and good cooperation. One customer recently summed this up very aptly: "There hasn't been a concern in 15 years that couldn't be resolved."
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