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Cosmino Digital Twin Easily and Individually Visualizes Key Figures on the Shopfloor

Digital Twins of a real object play a leading role in the acquisition of data from a data source – and thus also in the distribution of this data to acquisition dialogs, visualization dialogs and external systems.

An important aggregation level of collected data are key figures. If an external system or a Cosmino application is to display these key figures, this is done via the Digital Twin data hub.

The provision of quantity key figures by the Digital Twin, e.g. good and bad quantities per order, per production day or per shift, is still relatively easy. The values are simply retrieved and visualized by queries on an order- or time-related basis. If, for example, an order, tool or employee was previously registered via other MES functions, it is clear which quantities belong to which order or were produced by which tool.

However, if more complex key figures, such as OEE, are to be visualized, the calculation takes place in the MES beforehand. Default times, definitions of the loss types, external criteria such as the shift model of the machine, an evaluation of recorded raw data and much more must be taken into account. Without this information, it is impossible for a BI tool or a visualization tool to calculate such a complex key figure itself. Therefore, the calculation of such key figures takes place in Cosmino MES, because the required Master Data and configurations are stored there. The value of the key figure – in the aggregation required in each case – is then provided by the MES in the Digital Twin, so that other systems, BI tools and also your own applications can access the key figure.

Key figures can be queried by the Digital Twin to any extent:

  • Sums, e.g. to quantities of certain products, tools, shifts, states …
  • Snapshot of minimum and maximum for a characteristic, a difference ot two quantities, the first and last article number for a period, the duration between time X and Y …

Our team will be happy to support you in creating such visualizations or providing the required data on the Digital Twins.