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Considerable interest in the professional integration of an MES system in the area assembly – successful participation in the 13th ZeMA Assembly Conference 2021 on April 22nd, 2021

ZeMA - Zentrum für Mechatronik und Automatisierungstechnik gGmbH from Saarbrücken organized the 13th Assembly Conference to take place on April 21st and 22nd, 2021 as an online event.
The conference was a virtual meeting place for decision-makers, planners and developers from the fields of production and engineering. Its focus was on applications, technologies and approaches for the digital transformation of industry.
Right now, the integration of the assembly process into the IT environment of the company at the infrastructure level is indispensable for manufacturing companies if they want to keep pace with the competition and with audits, for example.
COSMINO AG participated in this topic by providing a presentation on the 2nd day of the event. René Grabowski, Head of Sales, gave a lecture with the title: “MaMa knows best – how an intelligent software solution reduces the workload of assembly workers and reduces errors”.
Many tasks in the area of assembly are so complex that they cannot be automated and therefore have to be completed manually. In his presentation, René Grabowski presented the attributes of the Cosmino ManufacturingManager - “MaMa” for short - which controls the manufacturing and machining processes in the factory, and guides the employee at the assembly workstation through their working day. To be able to carry out an assembly task flawlessly within a specified time, the Cosmino MaMa supports the employees at the assembly workstations with its assistance system. This ensures quality and prevents assembly defects. At the same time, with the integration of the intelligent Cosmino MES system, all the data of the production process can also be verified and reconciled.
René Grabowski used a video showing a live presentation of a car assembly process to explain the innovative concept of Cosmino MaMa to the conference participants, for example, the way in which the workflow control monitors the input and outgoing material, controls the path of each component variant through the factory, organizes rework processes and sends feedback to the ERP system.
After the presentation, there were several discussions with the participants, providing an opportunity to answer their questions individually.
“Our participation at the 13th Assembly Conference proved to be very interesting. It turned out that many participants were not yet aware of the added value and savings that can be obtained by using an MES system in the assembly process. The traceability of the production and quality of each individual unit or batch was also an important consideration. Having the latest version of instructions digitally available at the workplace at all times also saves paper, nerves and costs. The intelligent “MaMa”, software solution from Cosmino, also known as Cosmino ManufacturingManager, was a perfect fit for the target group of participants,” explains René Grabowski, Head of Sales at COSMINO AG.
Networking was not neglected either – at program items such as the networking carousel, the participants, speakers and exhibitors had the opportunity to get to know each other. If time was too short, it was also possible to arrange online appointments to discuss topics in greater depth and forge lasting contacts. This way, it was possible to address issues such as the data exchange of machine types through interfaces, for example.
Next year, the conference will enter its 14th edition on May 4 and 5, whether it will be an in-person event or take place in the online format again remains to be seen, though.
Those who were unable to attend the event can register for the free webinar on May 20th, 2021 on the Cosmino website, when René Grabowski will present the topic and respond to individual questions afterwards. There are also going to be interesting topics on the topic of MES in June and July: “Self setup and configuration” and the “Basics and Selection”. The webinars are described on the web page www.cosmino.de/events, just click and register. Please be aware that the webinars are in German language.
The experienced Cosmino project managers offer system presentations, workshops, and test setups at the system selection stage. For further information, visit www.cosmino.de/en/consulting/.
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