Workflow Control

Controlling Components, semi-finished Products and Items through the Variant-dependent Manufacturing Process, Managing Employees and Machines through Processing

Cosmino ManufacturingManager

In MES-controlled production, Cosmino ManufacturingManager manages manufacturing and handling processes as well as goods movement in the factory. The predefined processing workflow of each product variant is controlled by the software and specifies the required processing for people and machines. Transport between the processing stations is based on communication with the transport systems (Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Driverless Transport System (DTS), …). Poor quality is removed or sent for reworking.

The specifications for machines and transport systems are merely defined, not programmed. The instruction texts and aids that employees receive for manual activities can also be flexibly configured.

Areas of Application

Cosmino ManufacturingManager reliably secures individual specifications for variants and increases, despite the increasing variant variety, efficiency in production processes.

Texts, images and videos stored in the online dialog facilitate processing even in highly complex assembly sequences. If this changes, the instructions are adapted and the software secures the new procedure through test algorithms.

In machine processing, the production process is equally controlled depending on the variants.

If production is controlled via JIS (Just in Sequence), Cosmino ManufacturingManager ensures that the correct variant is available in the correct quality.

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Learn more about our software and how Cosmino can help

Assembly Online Dialog


  • Configuration of throughput workflow depending on the variants
  • Consideration of optional workplaces and storage facilities
  • Definition of manual activities with storage of instructions in the form of texts, illustrations, videos
  • Connection of assembly tools and pick-to-light, the use of which is activated by Cosmino ManufacturingManager
  • Quality monitoring of a processing operation and activity
  • Integration of quality reviews (see Cosmino ProControl)
  • Control of WIP stocks (Work in Process) through the defined workflow and reworking tasks
  • Directing of goods movement through the control of transport systems, component identification and virtual worklists (the components cannot be processed in the wrong workplace with the support of the software)
  • Recording of operating data and feedback (see data recording)
  • Immediate stock report to the ERP (e.g. each component or each container)
  • Comprehensive reporting (see Cosmino DynaMon)
  • Full traceability of the material flow and of quality across the entire production order
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  • Comparably cheap and flexible support and securing of the manufacturing process, thanks to configurable workflows
  • New employees are guided through the processing without training costs
  • Experienced employees also benefit from worker guidance in rare variants and changed processes
  • Securing of 100% zero defects
  • Efficiency increase through faster and fault-free processes
  • Reliable stock management in the ERP
  • Transparency on the manufacturing process and quality
  • Traceability of the production and quality of each individual unit or batch
  • Paperless factory: the current version of instructions is always available digital at the workplace
  • Major step towards Industry 4.0 and therefore image boost with your clients

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