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Cosmino WorkerPoint Reminds of Activities Before and After the Lot Size of the Order Has Been Reached

Just imagine the following scenarios:
  • The target quantity of the order has been reached, but the next pending order has not yet been prepared.
  • Or: The target quantity of the order has been reached, but the required SPC checks have not yet been performed.
  • Or: The fact was overlooked that the batch size has been reached but production simply continues.

  • Does any of this sound familiar to you? In all these situations, it is already too late to complete the process as required. The consequences are at least wasted time, in the worst case your entire planning is postponed. Failure to perform SPC measurements can even lead to problems with quality and verification obligations.

    In the future, a new notification option for the Cosmino WorkerPoint production data acquisition dialog can prevent such cases. For this purpose, a new trigger type for messages was developed: the comparison of the target quantity of the order with the actual quantity. The adjustable alarm function thus starts x quantity units before the target quantity is reached. Also, the definition “x quantity units after reaching a target quantity” is possible.

    Another new feature is that these alerts no longer have to be called up via a message menu on the “Cosmino WorkerPoint” but appear directly as a pop-up with hint texts individually configurable.

    In order not to miss this and many other handy new features, it's best to plan your update to a new version now.

    Background: The Cosmino WorkerPoint is an online dialog directly at the machine. It is used to record operating data, order changes and SPC measurements, among other things. The machine operator also receives information such as inspection instructions as well as other notes.
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